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17 Years Old - 20 Years Old


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Ht- 6’4"
Wt- 195-200
Age- 20
BF% - idk


Helluva job! You look great.


This is my only issue with your post. Have you ever seen someone who is 3%?


Hey thanks for the comment. I’ve done so many tests standing on that BF% calculator and I’ve never seen it above 4%. So, I don’t know if it’s correct but I’m just basing it off of my results.


Worrying about your exact body fat percentage is kind of a fool’s errand; visuals matter more than the specific number. But oldbeancam is right that you may want to Google-search “body fat pictures” to get an idea of what people who are actually 3-5% look like (hint: that’s the level of leanness that a stage-ready-bodybuilder has in the final days pre-contest).

You’re probably more like 10% - which is fine, BTW. Since you mention that you’re not planning to compete, just worry about your strength and appearance. No doubt you have a physique that will turn most of the girls’ heads at the beach.

I also have a question about this:

Not to come off like the squat-depth police, but post a video of your squat, please. Admittedly, you’re a pretty tall dude and maybe your leverages just suck for deadlifting, but seeing squat numbers higher than deadlift numbers (in a raw lifter, anyway) always makes me leery of the possibility that the squats are not so deep as they might be, and while I don’t just want to harp on squat depth, this seems relevant given that you express a desire to add more mass to your lower body.


Haha completely understand your way of thinking with the squat & deadlift. Played college baseball for 2 years and deadlift is something our coaches never had us doing (don’t ask why, idk). Really kinda F’ed up my BS/DL ratio because when I quit baseball I stuck to squat and only deadlifted like 2-3 times a month. We were squatting 2 maybe even 3 times a week for those 2 years and I got my squat up pretty good during that time. Not gonna say I go ass to grass, but I come somewhat close, if not right at 90°. I’ve really got my squat up there (for me) by controlling my movements and really getting a feel for time under tension.


how do you think standing on a platform could possibly measure your bodyfat? that’s pretty funny though. those things give you a VERY rough estimate, and it’s entirely based on height and weight. If you want an actual guess, I’d say you’re in the 10-12 range. For reference, I’m probably in the 8-9 range, and I’m noticeably leaner than you. All that being said, the actual bf% number is not a particularly useful figure for anyone. All that matters is how you look.
Speaking of looks. You don’t necessarily need to squat deep to develop great legs, but I can tell you that squatting deeper and lightening the load would almost certainly benefit you. If you’re not going to squat to 90 (and I bet you’re not coming as close as you think you are), then make sure you’re doing SOME movements that involve fuller range of motion at the hip and knee joints. I really started to see great results when I made sure I got good depth regularly. Also, paused squats at the bottom of the movement are a fantastic exercise.


Hey thanks for the reply. And you’re probably right, I don’t know much about body fat calculations so I really just believed what I saw. Just figured I’d add that too my thread cause I’ve never got it done the right way. Besides that, thanks for your suggestions. I’ll definitely switch it up some and go as deep as possible while lightening the load. Just trying to get swole like some of you guys haha, I’ll be there one day


You look great. As for your body fat percentage I wouldn’t worry about it. I always that that was far too anal anyway (at least for me). If one can see their abs prominently and there are no other noticeable fat deposits anywhere then they look good. That might mean that they are 12% bf or perhaps less. Either way, all that matters is how you look right? No one is going to see you at the beach or the gym and say “stay right there I’m going to get my Omron body fat meter and see what your percentage is.”

Congratulations on a great 3 year transformation. You put the work in and it shows. You have a lot to be proud of!