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17 Years Old 180 Lbs 5' 10'' Natural


ive been training hard for about one year.

bench -(5x3)of 200
squat - (5x5) of 285
deadlift - (5x5) of 335

diet- i try to carb cycle but no clear cut diet, might start one up soon

sports; wrestling, track








back fixed*


For only seriously training for one year that's not bad start. What are your goals? Depending on what you want I would say you need a lot of overall mass. Lots of compound lifts.


goals are not to be the biggest kid alive, but basically an overall healthy, fit kid and improve my physique for wrestling. My workouts do involve me around compound lifts and are the basis of my workouts.


bump anything else?


how are the hamstrings?


Natural eh?


Since you are trying to improve your wrestling via weights then adding mass wouldn't help after a certain point.
I guess I would start by deciding what weight class you want to be in.
If you can go up a class and still be competitive try to add muscle to your upper body.
*Before someone jumps my ass for ignoring legs let me finish.

Mainly you will want to be able to grab your opponent, pull him towards you, and then hold him to the ground for a pin or at least back points.

Try bringing up your dead lift which will help you pick up opponents. (Don't use straps)
Clean and snatch, if you have a good strength coach.
Barbell row! forget seated rows as they are not as functional here.
Wrist curls! for obvious reasons
train your neck too.
Oh and pull ups, pull ups, pull ups!

Some of the best wrestlers I have trained with looked like their back made up 50% of their total mass.


thx for the advice. i can do 22 pullups and incorporate them into every upper body workout. my power clean, for some reason, cant seem to increase and is at 185 for 3 reps as my max (probably my form). for my weight class, im trying to stay within 170 to 182, but am willing to bulk and then cut since wrestling season is months away.