17 Year Old. Wow

To the above post, I did use, to be exact I used 3mls of a blend from some cheap UGL of:
50mg tren
50mg test-p
50mg masteron
*this was for 12 weeks

  • I used cytomel for 3 weeks and didn’t like it, also was more expensive than clen which I had access to.
    I ran clen from 40mcg and worked up to 120mcg - something like 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.

That’s it, on the day of the show I used Lasix which I ignorently took but just made me flat and I binged so much from pre-judging to the night show It was almost impossible to hit a side tricep pose and keep my stomach tense, so I found a couch and sat there for about 2 hours, thankfully the bloat went down and I looked better for the nightshow.

Oh, so Ya I use and im bigger then you’ll ever be.

I can provide proof of identity no problem, passport or through skype.

To anyone who only cares about the male physique and nothing else matters in life (everyone here),
I am still training 4-5 days a week and I am competing a computer science degree while doing freelance work - I am more muscular than in photos above, but much different proportions, legs are way down-sized and arms, traps back have matched up. not as lean but could get there easily .

Bodybuilding in itself is interesting, it attracts insecure people who want to be noticed for their accomplishments due to not standing out - so it’s nice to not be insecure but still somewhat live the lifestyle (my diet sucks) - I run 250mg test and cycle 200mg masteron as a long-term protocol as coming off is just not a reality (I was clean from may 2012 - may 2013).
I get full blood panels done with ecg every 6 months and my blood pressure is 120/60 and never goes up or down.

I am 5 foot 8 and 205-210.

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