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17 Year Old Thoughts


Hello , I'm 17 years old and my stats is :
187 cm height
110 kg
13 % body fat
Measurements :
Arm 18 inch
Thights 28 inch (because i paused my leg day for 3 months it was 30 inch)
Chest 52 inch
Calves 20 inch
I'm natural and i train for about 1 year and 3 months

Your oppinions :smiley:


Need more striation between head and body


Maybe try a pose where you're not crushing your cervical spine so we can see what you actually look like. Also take a shot of the wheels. You're more than 13% BF. Closer to 20.


This is all I can think of.


Dude..... This a troll right? I don't believe a single on of those stats and the picture.... I don't even know what to say.


I'll believe the 17 years old bit. That's your lot.


18% bodyfat dude lol


Something about your face, i just want to punch it so fucking hard


That fucking picture.

My sides are in africa right now.


Umm...I'm at a loss for words.




son looks like hes turning into a toad


These stats don't look correct by any means


There was a guy who used to train at our gym who did shrugs every day and he had similar traps. One was bigger than the other and it used to make his t-shirt sit funny. He could shrug a lot though… But his calves were nowhere near 20in.

Looking at the above I would say you’re above 20% body fat, mostly distributed around the abdominal area and the neck.


First off, there’s no way you’re 13% body fat. Judging from the mid section thats wider than mid portions of your lats and next to no definition I’d say you’re 18-19% at best. I dont know what you’re doing with those traps bro. Waaay out of proprotion. And one side looks bigger than the other.

For your height and weight, its very unimpressive. Instead spending all that time doing shrugs, do some intense cardio instead.


Please re-post with 3-4 better photos and accurate stats. Thanks.