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17 Year Old Starts Powerlifting

Welcome to my training log. I will try and give regular updates on my progress

Hey guys,

I am 17 years old, and did bodybuilding type training for a 1 year, then spent 6 months doing strength type training, and now I am here, giving powerlifting type training a shot. I am not strong, I am not big, and I am not really that handsome either, but I love working out. I will be running a split similar to the conjugate method, with a few adjustments to help achieve my goals. Now it is time to get to the juicy part.

Gender: Male
Age: 17
Weight: 72kg/158lbs
Bench: 80kg/176lbs (I know, I know…My bench is really strong)
Sqwaaats: 125kgx2/275lbsx2
deadlifts: 150kg/330lbs

My split look something like this.

Monday: max effort lower body day
Tuesday: day off
Wednesday: Max effort upper body day
Thursday: a small back/biceps workout
Friday: dynamic effort/repetition effort lower body day. will switch DE and RE every 6 weeks
Saturday: day off
Sunday: repetition effort upper body day

If you guys want I can give a more detailed plan, but I am lazy and can not be bothered doing that now. I am sure that some people will say that I should be doing a less advanced program, and a more beginner type program such as starting strength, my answer to those people is “I do what I what”.

One of the main reasons I am doing this log is to get feedback, so feel free to give any suggestions or ask questions. Just a heads up, I am already in my 3rd week of my training.

Peace out.

NOT good

do not worry about advanced or beginner designation of programs
try 531 it has different templates for almost any goal

The only thing I don’t like in your programming is the extra back and biceps day.On upper body days you’ll do at least one back movement.On dynamic effort lower you’ll deadlift and you can add pulling movements to both lower body days.You’d be better using these off days for recovery or hitting weaknesses with ultra high reps imo

I know what you mean. I don’t do any back movement on max effort upper body day. all I am planning on doing on my Thursday workout is a 10x10 on pull ups, then 5x12-15 on biceps. Or do you still think I shouldn’t do this?

But why not any back movements on upper body days?

I don’t know why, but the conjugate method just sounds so fun, one of the reasons I decided to do it.

If you take a look at their training log,they almost always do a back movement on upper body days.And it makes sense.On this day you wanna build your bench,so train all the muscles involved.That being said if you wanna try out what you described go ahead and see how it goes

You really can’t train the back too much. Do both. Train the back on the ME upper day and for an additional workout. Consider doing some back training on your lower body days too.

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Because in the end I had so many accessories movements that I was almost dead. Expensively since I went for either 1-3 rep max that day

Or do you guys suggest adding in some back work on lower body days?

Personally, I would just keep adding until it stopped working, then scale back. The back absorbs volume like a sponge and is pretty crucial toward building a strong body. They don’t have to be killer workouts, but something like 50 chins every workout, or 5x10 DB rows, or just 1 big set of DB rows or a t-bar row stripset or something would be pretty helpful, especially this early in your training. Easy way to fit it all in is to just hit the back work in between your sets of everything else.

Cool, maybe I will try doing back 3x a week and take off the Thursday thing.

Maybe switch out the workout for some conditioning or an extra workout for weak areas/recovery. Whole lotta flexibility with this training approach.

Week 3 Monday
Hey guys,

Since I am not working out today, and i’ve got some spare time, I will tell you what I did yesterday for max effort lower body day.

warm up- was very rushed since there as only 1 sqaut rack free. I had to work in with 5 people which were my mates. They also started before me since I was taking a pre-workout shit. so I couldnt warm with the bar.

my max effort exercise was front squats. reps x weight
front sqauts 10x40kg/88lbs
front squats 3x60kg/130lbs
front squats 2x70kg/155lbs
front squats 1x80kg/175lbs
front squats 1x85kg/187lbs
front squats 1x100kg/220lbs-was a PR but felt good so I went up
front squats 1x105kg/230lbs- still felt pretty good so I went up again
front squats 1x107.5/236lbs- I was close, but I failed it

fronts squats 3x5x80kg/175lbs

stiff legged deadlifts 4x10-14x80kg

glute ham raise 4x12

leg extension 100 reps


Overall was very happy with my workout. Peace out.

Week 3 Wednesday

Today was bench day. My max effort variation was floor press, I have never gone heavy on this so whatever I hit is a PR. Bench has always been my weak point, could be cause its my least favourite of the 3 lifts.

Warm up- Everything felt good, people looking at me in the gym because they never seen such a strong bencher like me.

Floor press 8x20kg/45lbs
Floor press 8x20kg/45lbs
Floor press 5x40kg/90lbs
Floor press 3x50kg/110lbs
Floor press 1x60kg/135lbs
Floor press 2x70kg/155lbs- felt pretty good, 2nd rep was a bit slow, but wasn’t a massive grinder

Floor press 5x3x50kg/110lbs

close grip bench 4x12-15x40kg/90lbs

Over head press 4x7x30kg/65lbs

Tricep pushdowns 5x12

Everything went well, I am hoping to be able to hit 82.5kg/181lbs or 85kg/187lbs next week on my bench, my bench hasn’t moved up for 2 months so lets see if anything changes. I didn’t get to finish my workout since I had work, so I had to rush home.

Peace out y’all

sounds like you have a good grasp on sticking to a program and using movements that work. I will agree with what was said about pulling as often as you can make it work. I wish I had that knowledge 10 years ago but in all honesty the pulling will keep your shoulders healthy and allow for more pounds on the bar for pressing movements

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Week 3 Friday

It was dynamic effort lower body yesterday, before starting this new program I have never done speed training, so its fun to try new things. I hurt my back during the squat, while doing pause squats I tried to explode like a rocket from the bottom, but as I squeezed my stomach against my belt I felt this pain in my Lat area, didn’t really irritate me during the rest of my workout so I just kept going.

Warm- felt just average, didn’t feel strong, didn’t feel weak while warming up. I warmed up to 100kg/220lbs
sets x reps x weight
back pause squats- 8x2x90kg/198lbs- I had 97.5 on but it felt slow so I lowered it 90kg/198lbs

Deadlifts 8x1x110kg/242lbs

chin ups 50 reps

lat pulldown 5x10

back extensions 4x15

leg extension 50 reps

Overall the workout felt pretty good, I wanted to do 100 reps on leg extension but I was in a rush to get home for a family dinner thing, so I had to skip a bit of my workout.



Week 4 Monday

Wazzup my hommies, max effort lower body today. My max effort variation was deficit deadlifts, and I was quite surprised today with what I hit, I am not really sure the ratio between deficit and conventional deadlifts but I feel as if my deficit is quite strong compared to my conventional. Enough of me babbling on, time to get to the fun shit.

warm up-felt pretty weak, wasn’t in the mood, but as I got to heavier weight I started getting into the mood. I know what you’re thinking “heavier weights? lol, you only pull 3 plates” and my response is, well…yeah you’re right
Reps x weight

Conventional Deadlifts 8x60kg/135lbs
Deficit Deadlifts 5x60kg/135lbs
Deficit Deadlifts 3x80kgs/175lbs
Deficit Deadlifts 1x100kg/220lbs
Deficit Deadlifts 1x110kg/242lbs
Deficit Deadlifts 2x120kg/264lbs- was gonna do 3 for a 3 rep max, but at 2, it felt good so I stopped so I didn’t waste as much energy
Deficit Deadlifts 1x130kg/285lbs- felt good so I went up
Deficit Deadlifts 1x135kg/297lbs- PR, woohoo. although anything is a PR since I have never done a max on deficit deads.

Sets x Reps x Weight
Deficit Deadlifts 3x5x105kg/230lbs

Front Squats 3x10x55kg/120lb

Lat pull down 5x10

back extensions 4x15

leg extension 100 reps

Was very happy with this workout, Could someone tell me their ratio between their deficit and conventional deadlifts, I wanna know if I am strong on deficit deads or not. Thanks.

Peace out bitches

wazzup fam. I didnt log my last couple of workouts, sorry about that, I got busy. Anyway, ill do all the workouts that I missed.

Week 4 Wednesday

Max effort exercise was just regular bench press, I didnt technically hit a PR, but I was happy with what I got. The most i’ve ever benched was 80kg and that was the biggest grinder of my life, but when I hit 80 today it came up pretty fast.

sets x reps x weight

regular bench 1x1x80kg/176lb

regular bench 3x5x62.5kg/137lbs

body weight dips 3x10

over head press 5x5x30kg/65lbs
super set with
shoulder shrug 6x12

overhead tricep extension 4x8
super set with
barbell bicep curl 4x8

tricep extension 4x15-20
super set with
dumbell bicep curl 4x15-20

Week 4 Friday

Dynamic effort lower body today, I was sweating life a mofo today, it was literally like someone got my t-shirt and dumped into water. Probably because I was having quite short rests.

Pause squats 6x2x95kg/210lbs

deadlifts 6x2x120kg/265lbs

front squats 3x12

lat pull down 5x10

glute ham raise 4x15

leg extension 100 reps

Week 5 monday

I couldn’t do my repetition effort upper body day on sunday, so I added in some chest today. Today was max effort lower body day, my max effort variation was sumo deadlifts

sumo deadlifts 1x1x135kg/297lbs

front squats 3x10

glute ham raise 4x15

dumbbell bench 5x10

cable flys 4x12-15

lat pull down 10x10

Week 5 wednesday

Today my max effort variation was close grip bench press, last time i hit 72.5 kg for 3, I decided to go for 75 kg for 3. First rep came up fast, Could of easily gotten a second rep, maybe even a 3rd if I push it, but my right lat cramped up at the bottom of my second rep and I lost all tightness. So I was a little up set, but I got over it.

close grip bench 1x1-2?x75kg/165lbs

close grip bench 3x5x60kg/135lbs

spoto press 3x8

over head press 5x5
super set with
shoulder shrug 6x12

over head tricep extension 4x8
super set with
barbell bicep curl 4x8

tricep extension 4x15-20
dumbell bicep curl 4x15-20.

Its a big read, sorry about that. If you read all of that then thanks.