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17 Year Old Shotputter/Rugby Player


alright guys i'm a pretty new member here and i love what you've got going with this site. i'm 17 years old and a senior in high school. i shot put for the track team and play #8 for our rugby club. i was going along really well with my training until track season kind of messed it up but soon i will have a longish break in between season to just focus on lifting. so let me have it, any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. i love lifting and any advice from a veteran on what might help me achieve my athletic goals would be great.

Height: 6'2
Weight: 188
Power Clean: 185
Deadlift: 400 (just missed at lockout when i added that 4th plate for 405)
Box Squat: 300


a shot from the front


wheels..sad i know, no excuses gotta bring these up


well good idea to start lifting again but there's nothing yet to offer constructive criticism on...you're still a blank slate. continue with a very basic beginners routine and diet plan and just learn all you can. this takes YEARS. i've been doing it quite a long time and i still feel like i don't know what the hell i'm doing sometimes. after at least a year of consistent training and solid diet under your belt you should have the beginnings of a foundation, then maybe you can begin to explore various avenues of variety. but for now...basic basic basic - eat eat eat!


I agree, 1morerep gives some good advice. Follow it and report back after 1/2 to 1 year.


Your numbers don't really match your physique. If you are really benching 245, you should have something of a chest. If you are deadlifting 400...


my thoughts exactly


I'm not here to start a big debate. the shot of my chest sucks pretty bad its really not that nonexistant. i've always been fairly strong for my size and the deadlift in particular came pretty naturally because of my height. as for benching 245 it took a while to get to that weight and i dont think its that implausible. i realize that i cant convince you of anything you dont want to believe but those are my numbers which i personally feel are still pretty weak.


your physique sucks, there I said what everyone is thinking. Go to the beginner forum and read the FAQS.


as i said earlier i didnt post here to start a big debate. i know my physique sucks i just wanted a little advice from some people who've been around the iron a long time. specifically i was hoping there might be someone with some advice about shot putting and what kind of training is best for that. i didn't post with the pretense of having some sort of terrific physique and i didnt want this to turn into one of those ridiculous and hateful threads that pop up far too often on this otherwise excellent site. so while i do appreciate the beginner forum advice please keep it to that in the future and limit the hatefulness, theres really no need for that.


Well, you took that better than most. Bravo for maturity.


posted in the wrong fourm for that, if you wanted advice for lifting you should have posted in beginner forum or strength form as their are some throwers there. You posted in in rate my physique, your physique has nothing to show you look like a beginner. You took no time to look at the basic lifting articles. There are way to many very beginners posting and clogging up rate my physique with people who would be more suited for bb.com.


Isn't that the truth man. I'm going to wait another year before I even think about doing my own post in rate my physique section. There should be a sticky with a few rules for this forum section. First rule being if your a beginner, do not post your physique because beginners DON'T HAVE ONE.


first of all i do have to agree with you i probably did post in the wrong forum. i was just looking for some advice and i guess the rate my physique forum is not the place for that. i'll probably start a new thread in the beginner forum. second of all i do actually take the time to read the basic lifting articles and i feel like i've learned an incredible amount from this site i just havent been at it long enough to get real results which only come with time. third of all while i may look like a beginner i love T-Nation and what it has to offer so for the love of god do not wish that bb.com crap on me or anyone else.


im gonna have to agree with you. there probably should be some stickys because i do feel like i misused this particular forum. i should have gone with a different one. as i said before i like T-Nation to much to turn this into one of those absurd threads that gets someone to be reviled throughout the site. i apologize for my beginner mistake and ill happily go post in the beginner forum. for those of you who were helpful (especially 1morerep) thanks very much im glad you took the time to help a beginner out, this shit really is confusing and sometimes reading the site you get a little ahead of the basics.


I was going back to edit my post but you already re-posted so I'll just say it here.

It wasn't you in particular that I was talking about. You probably saw a lot of threads of beginners posting their physique to rate so you figured you would do the same. You were just following everyone else.

You'll get a ton of help in the beginners forum. Head over!


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no worries man. youre completely right, i clicked through a bunch of threads saw people comparable to me mixed in with the others and assumed this was the place for a thread like this. thanks for posting back and ill be sure to take advantage of the beginners resource.


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as a shot putter I would make sure your hitting your incline bench, and push press really hard-as they effect throwing much more then regular bench- Also power clean will help a lot, I would add front squats also since you throw from the front of your body and front squats might help here. The front squats will help with core more and help your power clean more.

Don't take anything as personal attacks just you'll notice the longer you stay here you notice some reoccurring things that get pretty annoying.

West side for skinny bastards is a popular program for athletes in general also.