17 year old looking for some direction

hey guys. new to the site and forum. so heres the thing. i am a 17 year old male, i play water polo and have to wear a speedo every day. it would be a great upper on my game to have the same confidence in my body as i do in my game. i am like a normal 17 year old, just lookin to get layed and with this i also would like the same confidence in my body. im looking to get cut, add muscle, but overall just look good in a speedo. big chest, shoulders, arms, legs, thin waist, abs. pretty much the best package. the past two weeks ive been on “the body sculpting bible for men” it required me to be in the gym 6 days straight, twice a day. cardio and abs morning. lifting at night. can anyone point me in a direction that produces real results, (you have witnessed), and will bring me things i want. thanks, sorry it was so damn long.

Personally, I’ve had pretty good results with CT’s OVT program, and J. Berardis, don’t diet deit, at a bit above maintenance level.
Might want to give it a try…
Yours, Lya.

Welcome to the forumn.

A big help to start will be to go to the "frequently asked ?'s section on the home page of the mag and begin there.

Your goals can be reached in so many ways that it will be better for you to do a little reading on training and diet. Then come on back with some more direct ?'s that we can help you focus on and give suggestions.

There are a large # of great programs and diets laid out that we can give you direct feedback on. So just pick a few that seem to interest you and are focused on your goals.

Hope this helps.

In general, with a guy your age, I wouldn’t do so much cardio, especially with your active lifestyle. This can help add some “good” weight a little faster.

For now, stick with compound exercises and a clean diet, then go from there. You can tweek and fine tune your diet and workout regime as you slowly progress to get the desired body you want. Good luck.

Ditto on Mass Nutrition.
Stick to the biggies- squats, deads, dips, bench, pullups, rows, ohp and the like.
Drop the cardio, cuz I am sure you practice at least an hour a day.
Keep the diet basic and big. dont get caught up in the little things, you will just lose your mind.

Good luck, and be VERY HAPPY you found this here site.

As they have said, if you are new to the site/forums, the best thing you can do is spend time reading and find a diet or two you like/exercise program and then we’ll help you from there.

As a fellow 17 year old, assuming your metabolism isn’t shit, I would point you to massive eating from John Berardi, a simple search on this site and you can find or you can go straight to john’s site and find it under articles/nutrition. I have had terrific success with it as has a few of my friends and the other 17 year olds on this board I have come in contact with (yeah, there are a few of us) are all using it too. It is pretty easy and considering the social obligations we have of going out to eat all the time/chilling in restaurants, it is perhaps the easiest diet to follow in my opinion. Best of luck and if you have any further questions, feel free to PM me. Best of luck :slight_smile: J