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17 Year Old Lifter/Football Player


I 've been lifting on and off for almost 4 years. The reason it’s been on an off is because I play football in the fall and tennis in the spring so I didn’t real lift much during those seasons. Since I play sports, most of my lifting has been for that


Great shape. What's your BMI? Keep up the good work, it's paying off man.


because BMI counts for oh so much, amirite!!?

OP looks good for 17, keep it up.


Looking good, especially for 17. Keep it up! What's your squat? 325-350lb?

Have you tried heavy rack pulls - stiff legged deadlifts with the bar set just above knee height? They're great for overall back thickness (esp. spinal erectors) + neck/traps.


If that's the case, why don't you detail your training and food log for us? We can't make a detailed recommendation without more info. At least not anything beyond "eat more and lift hard".


Nice work man. Keep it up.


Looks like a fine routine but then again you can get big by doing alot less than that.

Your going to have to eat a whole lot with all those compound movements you metabalism must be off the charts.


Body part-wise, you look pretty proportional. You could use a little more lats, perhaps.

I'd say that the routine looks fairly good. If you can do more than about 15 reps on the bodyweight exercises, you should try to add some weight (dip belt or x-vest or something).

Not sure what you're eating, but if you want to get big, try adding 200 calories per day for two weeks. If you put on a few pounds, continue at that number of calories. If you don't, up it another 200 calories.


thanks for the advice, i appreciate it!


Oh shit...where have you been...nevermind don't tell me.

OP, you look pretty good, and you can definately use more mass. Maybe consider doing less volume, and go a little heavier with high intensity.


You guys are a ROUGH crowd. For God's sakes, this guy is 17. And besides that, he's got a terrific bod. Great balance of lean muscle and bulk.

Most of you guys think that bigger and bulkier is better, but not in my opinion, nor in the opinions of most people.

So stick with it guy, and don't let them tell you you don't have it, because you do. I rated you a 10, as I think you're near perfect. Easily a 9.7, anyway.



Nobody bashed this kid. He asked for advice, and people gave it to him. Did you really have to make that up just so you could tell everyone how attracted you are to him?


Oh nice. I'm merely stating that you guys seem to be ridiculous regarding your grading. I never said anything about anyone bashing him, so get over yourself.

And FYI, I think that most of the grading on here is tough. I picked this guy as the prime example of the few that I looked at.


There's no separate rating systems for different age groups. Do you think he should get a 10 when bodybuilders barely get rated 8 or 9? There's higher standards on these boards.

If everyone gave this kid a rating of 10 and told him he was great and how much of crush they had on him, how beneficial would that be to his progress? He does have a great physique for his age, but he shouldn't stop training just because some random dude tells him he is perfection.


Congratulations!!!!!!! Nice boy


To the OP...

If you want to get bigger I would check out scrawny to brawny by Dr. JB it is a great book and will prb help you lay out a real good mass gaining nutrition plan.

Also... I started my brother (who has about your stats) on a WS4SB type routine and he has really improved alot over this summer.


looks good man i had problems with my weight as well but i finally something that helped me gain 20 lbs. in 2 weeks with intense training and only gave me 3%bf increase its bsn's true mass


nice job man I can really notice the difference




Looking good, pretty "hard"...I think you should G-flux it (use search function if necessary) John Berardi Style to keep that hardness.

Need more lats for sure, and traps (esp upper) could get bigger. If you really wanna bulk up give Waterbury's programs a try, especially some of the ones that include 10x3 etc as they will not leave you without power/strength.

Try not worrying about overtraining while mixing sports training and weightlifting, figure out your own tolerance and then beat it! But be careful as you look like you've added a good bit of fat lately.

You may be kinda stagnant although you've got some awesome exercises on your lists. Try changing up your sets/reps/volume and picking some new variations, or at the very least some slight variants.

Oh...btw.. you definitely need to balance your bench and rows (with both volume weekly, and your 3rms) and do some external rotations! Your palms are rotated inward, which can be a sign of too much pressing not enough pulling.

I know some people say "Don't diagnose on the internet" but this is such a common problem, I wouldn't be at all surprised. And your chest does look a bit ahead of your back.