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17 Year Old Ballplayer


X2 on that one :stuck_out_tongue:

On the other hand, nice job dude, keep it up.


How is he a Lv 3? Gots to work on that side tricep pose




Good progress man! You've put in the time & have made some big gains. Keep it up!

Where you at in Fl?

And FYI, myself & another guy here in Fl. have a vertical jump site you might be interested in. Pm me for the link.


I just gave you an 8 with the rating. Put up some back shots & your wheels. I gotta get one of thos econo prowlers, they're badass!


I thought the levels under people's names were actually just a ranking according to how much supplements etc they've bought from the T-Muscle Store?


Wake up young man! Take a Spike tab, or TWO! There's a rating at the top here of this thread going from 1-10 for his physique.


I know plenty of people who have the balls to train better than this, in less than half of that time. If you're not cocky, then you're just plain naive. I gave you a 4, but you should've gotten a 1 for the soaking wet shot. Decent progress in a year.


My bad, I considered that was the case but I take things too literally. I suppose if I'd thought much about it I'd just have been satisfied that 3.5 was close enough to be what he was meaning... I suppose it's an unfortunate coincidence his avatar has level 3 under it. I stand corrected.


Rated a "1" for lack of required pics.


Yah, I'd thought by now he would put some up with our nagging and shit. Well baller?!


Do you like fishsticks, op?


After looking at your pics, I have only one thing to say to you.

Congratulations! You went through puberty!


I know this isn't a cock measuring contest but i do more weight then you for my 2rpm dude, and i am 185 and 16, and train for an hour a day : ) , So, maybe you should move up to 3-4 hours a day? But Good progress so far G.


I think its a good idea that you are not planning to compete anytime soon.LOL! Joke a side, you came a long why! You put in the work.If I was you and young I would think about doing heavy bench this will open your rib cage up.Keep it up and good luck


If you're interested in that make sure you look up Dr. Ellington Darden's Old School training article and look at his work on squats and pullovers. They have the potential to make you huge.