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17 Year Old Ballplayer


Age: 17
Height: 6'3''
Weight: 195
Bench: 250
Deadlift: 410
Vert: 33"

I started lifting in February of '07. I weighed 115 lbs. and my max bench was 95 lbs. I could not even touch the rim on a 10' basketball goal (I can dunk now).

I'm not "cocky" but I've come a long way so I've got enough confidence not to take criticism the wrong way. I don't plan on competing in any bodybuilding contests in the near future, but I still take my diet, training, and physique very seriously and I do want to compete down the road when I'm done playing basketball. Any advice/criticism is welcomed.



Here's another...


This one is from 1 year, 8 months ago. I had been training for about 6 months and I thought I was a BEAST (ouch)...


Here's one last one... This was taken before I started lifting...




You'll need some legs shots etc. if you don't want to get flamed dude.


why did you wet yourself down in the second pic? I mean come on dude was it going to show off your massive guns better?


so i see that you are a baller...you are probably pretty good, but would you by chance consider yourself..elite?




and back.




I LOL'ed

To the OP, you've made some pretty awesome progress, so good job on that. But like others have said, post leg and back pics.


I had just finished 20 sprints with the Prowler, so excuse me if I happened to be drenched with sweat. In retrospect my arms actually would've looked a lot bigger had I been pumping iron.


I think your stats are inflated, unless those are your 1RMes..but still, I don't think you fit the bill. Gave you a 3.
Whats your routine like? any goals?


Not sure exactly the point of the above post was...
a) Of course the stats I listed are 1RMs, isn't it a given when someone says they can bench, deadlift, etc. a certain amount they are talking about a max.

b) Not sure what you mean by "I don't think you fit the bill" but if you don't think it's actually me from the before pictures, I just realized that I'm wearing the same shorts in one of them. Haha!

c) My routine is too complicated to write out in this post, but in essence you could say I train at a very high volume (an average of 30 sets per workout) while at the same time training at very high intensity (all sets taken past failure with either rest-pause, drop-sets, supersets, eccentrics, isometrics, etc.). The workouts last anywhere from an hour and forty five minutes to two and a half hours, and I honestly don't know anyone else who has the balls to train like this, BUT... if you are willing to eat 6-8 meals a day and you make sure to allow your body enough recovery days between muscle groups then you are going to pack on muscle fast as hell without a trace of overtraining. To be honest I actually just added 33 lbs. since basketball season ended in February, and every other high school kid at my gym thinks I must be taking steroids.

d) My goal is to use training and nutrition to build a Lebron-like physique and play in the NBA. I know, laugh it up like everyone else does


your goals are your own to hell with what everyone else thinks.

though i'll be dammed if c) doesn't make you sound like a fuck off.


I'm guessing you are weak for your size? His stats look very reasonable.


agreed. and who doesn't post 1RM in their stats?

OP good job. You'll find you really have to eat like a savage to gain weight while playing ball esp. in season..I know I did. Keep squatting and D-lifting heavy, it'll help your vert.


Probably shouldn't post this...but does he have a two-way boner in the second pic? Whats wrong with me?


Now that's funny as fuck. I just died laughing.