17 Year Old Aspiring Bodybuilder, First Contest Next Year

hi my name is Riwer and i’m a 17 year old bodybuilder from sweden i guess i’ve been working out for 3 years and i weigh 200lbs/90kg and i’m about 5"11 or 180cm and i’m gonna do my first contest next year
you can see my biggest numbers in squats bench and deadlift down below

Bench: 330lbs/150kg
squats: 374lbs/170kg
deadlift: 440lbs/200kg

Pic didn’t upload. Try again so we can see what’s what.

What can be gleaned from your account details: You like 1970s American baseball and 1970s American country music. And fishing.

What can be gleaned from the one photo you put up:
+You’re pretty big for a 17 y.o.
+You need to brush your hair.

If you want actual feedback about your physique, you’ll have to put up pics that actually display it.


Better. But in Sweden, do BBing competitors wear jeans?


You have a decent natural base. Maybe you can bench 300+ lbs, there are some really strong young guys out there, you might be one, but from seeing your physique you don’t look like you would be able to.

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Hey, you look good for a 17 year old, not sure what type of feedback you are looking for. But I feel that although you can compete in the teenage division as well as the novice, I still feel you could still add some muscle first. Meaning taking sometime to put weight before starting your prep. Most likely, if you diet down to where you need to be to compete, you might realize you don’t have enough of the lean muscle mass you’d want for a contest.
It’s great you’ve set the goal to compete, congrats and maybe you’ll shred down and do well, but I feel putting some more muscle would help you greatly.
Oh, and I’m not sure what powerlifting numbers have to do with bodybuilding. But I get it :slight_smile:

Your legs and back aren’t where they should be. I say this because you would’ve posted and showcased them if they were.

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For 17, as others have noted, you look to have a decent base. If you throw up a few different angles/poses, I’ll gladly offer some thoughts. If you’re not competing until next year, you have plenty of time to intelligently address any weak points, get good advice, and come into the show proud of what you’re bringing.