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17 year old .. ahh I feel dead!!

Hey wussup all u t-maggers… listen I need some help with a problem I’ve had to deal with my whole life and I thought I’d do something about it once and for all. This is why I come to you guys for some help today… My problem is that for some reason I always seem to feel and look tired. No matter how much sleep I get I always seem to look and feel totally DEAD… especially in the morning. I’m only 17 years old by the way and I look like I’m 20 because of how I’m always feeling. Another thing is that I seem to put on weight very easily especially when on a strict diet, and depending on the food, I feel a certain way. Whenever I feel like this, along comes anxious behaviour, self-consciousness, low self-esteem, mood swings. and a whole list of problems. What do I seem to be dealing with here? Another thing is … I’m shit scared of gurlsss!!! ahhh but i luv them soo much I just dont have the guts to talk to them or I’m afraid of embarrasment… Help somebody plzz thanx

Do you have any known health issues, besides what you state here? You might have aversions or complete allergies to certain foods. Do you tend to feel blotted or ill after eating certain things (I think you said something about that)? You should probably have that checked out. Actually, you need to have yourself checked out, period. If you’ve felt like this for a long time there could be a considerable problem (not intended to scare you, just a thought).

You said you tend to gain weight easily when on a “strict diet”. To me, a strict diet means a reduction in calories. If that’s the case, then something’s not right. If, by strict diet, you mean a gaining phase, then isn’t that what’s supposed to happen? Unless you meant you tend to “gain fat”.

Either way, you should have a doctor run some tests to be sure. It may just be low T levels. Of course, another thing to consider is you may just be clinically depressed (many of the symptoms you listed go hand-in-hand with depression). There are a great number of medications out there to help with that sort of thing.

And lastly, about the girls. Get yourself figured out first, then worry about that. It sounds like you have a case of low self-esteem. … and who could blame you if you think something’s wrong with you. Be thorough and make sure you’re healthy first, then worry about the chicks.

You sound fucked up, but aren’t we all in some way. I’m a chronic masturbater. Get the health (possible mental) problems checked out by an MD, and worry about the rest after that.

I work in a clinical setting. You have pretty much described a form of depression. More seriously you could be describing Manic Depression or Bipolarity. But lets not panic, your first step should be to get help. Getting help is not ‘wussing’ out or being weak. I think most on this forum would agree it takes a stronger man to admit he needs help! Good luck to you.

If I were you I would go to a sleep clinic. I found out about 5 years ago that I have sleep apnea. The breathing apparatus I wear at night has changed my life, seriously. I felt 100 times better as soon as I started wearing my gear at night. This is just a shot in the dark, but what the symptoms you are describing are exactly what I was experiencing at the time.

Do you work out? What is your diet like? How much do you sleep? Info please.

yes i know that feeling. you get up in the morning after sleeping 10 or 11 hours and the first thing you want to do is go to bed again.
i don´t expierience this that often when i have a regular 8 h sleep pattern. if you combine a strict diet, which for me involves less social life, with that down feeling it only gets worse…
and i am only 20 years old.
get a regular sleep pattern, take a few days off from training, step off the diet, get your t-levels checked…
good luck

I am no doctor, but it’s sounds related to your thyroid to me. The girl thing will go away if you just start approaching girls, with respect mind you, you don’t have to have a cool line, just step up to them and say something, be sincere and respectful and someday you’ll have mad game.

I have two guesses (guesses, I’m not a doctor and you should go see one.) Clinical depression of some sort, or less likely but still possible, hypothyroidism.
See a doctor, no one here can give you a real good diagnosis, even if they are doctors you have to deal with someone in person.

I had similar physical symptoms as a teen-turned out to be mononucleosis. I got depressed due to the low eneregy and constant need to sleep, thought I was going nuts until I found out I had it.

im 17 too i got the same problem with being tired all the time , im also bi polar , i also work out but working out has pretty much boosted my self esteam to being pretty much into having a HUGE ego , i think another reason why im tired is becuz i need glasses , i had em just lost em , you have eye problems ?

My advice is to go to a therapist or a psycologist. it sounds like you are depressed. the first step is getting help. They will help you with some of your problems and if you really are depressed they will perscribe anti-depressant that will help you. the worst that could happen is that you will be able to talk to a professional whose job it is to help you. do you smoke weed? if you do, sounds like you should stop. I couldn’t talk to anyone when i was smoking.

I’m scared of chicks too. :wink:

GURLZ have cooties… you shouldn’t approach them until you’re old enough to handle having kids, because you’re gonna knock one up anyway, so you better have a j-o-b