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17 Year Old - 340 lb. Overhead Squat


Darian Barnett
age 17
Body Weight 167 lbs.
340 lb Overhead Squat
2 x's Body Weight

Check it out below:

Taken a break from powerlifting for the next year and training for the CrossFit Games 2012. Hope to win some big cash $$$$$.


good god


that's impressive. PERIOD


Thanks guys


good lift.

seems like there is a lot more money in cross fit than powerlifting now.


The first place male CrossFit Games winner receives $250,000.00.
We're hoping the prize money will be even more next year.
Reebok is a major sponsor this year so I'm sure it'll get bigger by next year.

He loves powerlifting but there's no money in it. He really wants to win the cash next year.


Is this your son? Just curious, you've posted a lot of him in the past.


Yes he's my son.


looked high to me....

am i trolling right?

Great lift!


Outstanding lift!


Wow! Impressive.


Thanks guys!


Beautiful work , keep rocking :slight_smile:


That is really awesome. Great to see that you are helping him out too.

You said that he is taking a break from powerlifting for the next year. Out of curiosity, what were his powerlifting lifts?




Raw Lifts:
Squat 512
Front Squat 300
Overhead Squat 340
Bench 305
Deadlift 551
Push Jerk 315
Snatch 205
Clean N Jerk 260
Strongman Yoke Carry 550
Stone Lifts 200, 220, 240, 260, & 280 medly


holy shit


Impressive. I just watched them last night, I have to say for all the hate they get on here there was some jaw dropping shit. Thirty 135lb snatchs in a row. clean ladder working up to 365lb and most of these guys are sub 200 lbs.

How did your son do?


It's obvious the weights are hollow......

jk great lift.


Damn that's impressive! Best of luck when he enters the competition. Does he like powerlifting or olympic lifting more?