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17 Y/O- To Accutane or Not to Accutane?


I have been dealing with acne for 3 or 4 years, around 6 months got worse, but improved since then because I changed my diet (0 gluten, less pasta and all organic)
I also tried a cream called Tactupump and teva doxycycline which worked for a while but reached a plateau and the next step would be taking accutane. My blood test are perfect, so my body wouldn't be a problem and in my opinion the other side effects like depression are bullshit.

I would like to hear some advice about lifters who had used it and if it affected their workouts (getting big is not my priority, I'm 160 at 6'0 so I feel I look awesome) and if it changed how they felt during the treatment.

Thank you, stay strong



I didn’t even know accutane was still on the market. Anyway, I took it when I was 19-20 (9 months total?) throughout the football offseason. I personally did not notice any side effects with respect to athletic activity, and we did some pretty heavy lifting. The only thing I remember was my lips constantly drying out, so I had to keep some chapstick or the like on hand at all times, including using it at night sometimes.

As for the depression issue, accutane improved my mood considerably because for the first time in many years my acne was finally getting under control. The other nice thing about accutane is that after you are done, you are hopefully rid of acne forever, or can get by using minor topical creams.


[quote]Juanimola wrote:

getting big is not my priority, I’m 160 at 6’0 so I feel I look awesome

Thank you, stay strong[/quote]


try cutting out all dairy and take lactase enzymes with meals that might have a trace of it. Do you take whey?

For myself and I would say 50-60% of cases lactose intolerance is a big factor

Drying your skin out with harsh acne/face washes can also cause your skin to rebound and produce more oil so watch out for that also


I took acne at 17 and it worked in 5 months and I only get a random pimple every few months now.

The dry skin/lips/nostrils were a bitch, though. Pro tip: preparation H is the best lip hydrator. Seriously, google it.