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17 Y/O Deadlifts 788 @ 197


I think this kid may have a future in powerlifting... He has fantastic levers for pulling.


Future? He won the arnold deadlift challenge haha, looks like he's kinda already 'there'.


Great pull though, crazy wilks.


He freaking locks it out barely above knee level. It will be awesome to see how much he can eventually get.


He has some awesome genetics; his father is Gene Bell. He has a great future, as long as his other two lifts come along.


All I say is

"Holy s**t"



That's truly amazing.

It needs to be pointed out that the contest was decided by less than 1 Wilks point and Dan Williams went 340 at only 82.5 kilograms.

Both were tremendous performances.

To the poster who said, "he has a great future as long as his other 2 lifts come up," you need to google the kid and check out his full meet performance.

His other lifts are "coming along" just fine.


Good lord. I heard about this at the gym yesterday from another guy who was at the Arnold, and here it is. Incredible what people are doing now at such young ages.


Makes me look like even more like a little bitch.


Thanks, I must not know anything about him, since I was also the one who pointed out that he Gene Bell's son...

He squatted 663 and benched 342 at last year's Men's Nationals. I think deadlift is very clearly best lift, but his squat is definitely respectable. His bench isn't anything to write home about.


My original comment was deliberately facetious.


Wow. You're a cheeky little monkey, aren't you?

What I like about you is you go after everybody with your ignorance. To state you don't care who Vogelpohl is and thought Lexen was a federation just shows what a tool you are.

Vogelpohl is a fucking legend and has been lifting since probably before Daddy squirted you out.

Listen, Ian's best squat is 691 at 198 and his best bench is 374 (that I know of). He set 3 American records in 12/10.

I don't know what your point of reference is but a 17 year old achieving that level of squat and bench is phenomenal not even taking into account the fact the length of his arms likely make his bench stroke the 'miracle mile.'

He is very well rounded.


Please explain how I went after you? Ian Bell is a great powerlifter, and if his squat and bench become as phenomenal as is his deadlift, he has a chance to be a world champion. Sorry if I hurt your feelings :cry:


his squat is "respectable"? He squatted over 3x his bodyweight.

his bench was almost 2x his bodyweight. (1.89 to be exact)

Those are definitely numbers to write home about when you're a 17 year old kid.


Do you guys have to get all personal and shit?


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following you around? not quite. I just happen to be posting in some of the same thread that you posted in. You're post are just so full of shit that I commented on them. I'm sorry if you feel insecure and as a self defense mechanism you resort to very creative and witty gay jokes.


You didn't go after me. You went after Vogelpohl and Bell.

As seems to be the theme with you, you made a stupid comment about his other lifts needing to 'come along' and I pointed out to you he has already set 3 American records at the tender age of 17 and that his bench, at 374, is actually very strong for his age.

Nick Tylutki, who was a phenomenal Junior lifter, struggled mightily with his bench early on despite his extroardinary squatting and deadlifting performance.

For a lifter this young to be this well rounded is the thing of legends. It doesn't come around very often.

I just think you need to learn to hold your tongue when you don't really know what you're talking about. Just knowing he is Gene's son does not make you knowledgeable. It makes you Master of the Obvious.


Careful, you might get called old, and gay, and maybe even short...


Well, I was hoping he would pull out some more inspired material for me as I have probably already been called all those things today at least once.