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17 Y/O Beginner - Cut or Bulk First?



ill save all the posts and just say lift weights and eat sensibly, repeat for a couple years. Tan your chest also man, its blinding.




You need to do starting strength and you need to weight 205 at the end of it.

So has spoken the Rip-skin, so it shall be.


Recommend to lose weight till you have 10-15% of fat and will see at least 2 (of even better 4) abs. After that, you can finally start to bulk up.


Stupidest advice ever.

Eat what you want, build a strong muscular base. You’re probably already around 15% but not ripped because you don’t have muscle.


“Eat what you want” - great advice for those who want to turn bodybuilding into fatbuilding.
The less fat you have when you are starting working out in the gym-the better its for you. The thing is that its impossible to gain muscle mass without getting extra weight too. So to build muscles you must have calories proficient. But your main goal is to make proportion between gained muscles and gained fat more into muscles side. And eating whatever you want is not gonna help you with this. Hope I explained my answer clearly.
P.S. he doesn`t have 10-15% of fat by the way.
Good luck :wink:


I stay at least as lean as my profile picture on here all the time, even when I’m putting on muscle. It’s simply not true that you have to add fat to gain muscle. I never have.

I also eat whatever I want. I’m not saying this will work for the OP, but you don’t know whether it would or not.

This is why diet advice should never be ‘you MUST do X or Y or Z’. There are no universal principles of diet. There are things that work for a lot of people, but until you start, you don’t know.

My advice is to pick a proven diet that mentally suits you, and see how your performance/muscular gains go. If you start putting on too much fat for your goals, reduce calories, probably carbs, or change to a different dietary approach. But overall, flexibility is important, you have to LEARN what your body responds to positively, and what it does not.


It’s just impossible not to gain fat and gain muscles at the same time. Maybee, you just don’t notice this fat because it’s really a little. That’s what I know from anatomy and a lot of experienced guys in gym.
But I agree with you about the diet. All people are different and they have different body types. So it’s up to you what diet you choose, but don`t forget to listen to your body :wink:


It’s not impossible, more difficult yes but not impossible.

I don’t agree that he should cut at all, the lack of muscle is what makes the body fat % seem higher. I would guess I’m not far off the same body fat as the OP.


you’re wrong. I’ve LOST fat while gaining muscle at the same time. Most people can’t do it, but that doesn’t make it impossible.

Let me ask you something. If I get stronger in the gym, and my bodyweight doesn’t change, then what do you think happened to my body composition? It seems pretty clear to me. The only way I can get stronger is by adding muscle. And if I add muscle, then my scale weight would go up, UNLESS I simultaneously lose fat mass. There’s even a name for that, it’s called a recomp.


You do know that he will probably want to debate you on your statement? Im going to sit back and watch the show…



This is what basically has happened to me in the last year. I’ve only gained 10lbs total since my journey, but my body and lifts are completely different when I first started. That’s why I don’t even look at the scale anymore.

If my lifts are going up and my 1 mile run time stays the same or gets better I know that I’m getting stronger and staying lean.

If my lifts are going up but my 1 mile run time is getting worse I know I’m getting fatter.

If my lifts are going down but my 1 mile run time is getting better I know I’m not eating enough or getting skinnier.

My advice is not to worry about the scale weight so much. Make sure your lifts are going up, your conditioning is getting better or at least staying the same, and eat high quality foods. Do that for a for a while and not miss days in the gym and eventually you’ll get to where you wanna be.


At 17yo just have fun and get some vitamin D.


If you think it’s impossible not gain fat and muscle at the same time, isn’t all bodybuilding “fatbuilding”?

This kid is young and lean. He could benefit from a caloric surplus. He is 15% at most (look at his back and arms), but you also probably put too much faith in that 20 dollar inaccurate bio-impedence scale you got yourself.

If somebody is single digit bodyfat without a solid muscular base, they’ll look like shit. And they’ll look like even more shit while wearing clothes. Think Myspace Era Emo Boyband. The whole “lose weight now and build muscle later” is Planet Fitness Bro mentality for kids who would rather look like shit than put on some muscle.

Also, going AT LEAST maintenance will help performance, and going at a deficit will harm that. So if you’re serious about gaining muscle and getting stronger, you know what to do.




good info here, lol dave tate was ripping on him in one of his newer road trip videos


Nice… Steve Shaw is one of the few guys on You Tube I can stomach


so your saying that @flipcollar isnt a experienced lifter?


I think it should also be noted that @yev1506 himself probably isn’t one of the experienced guys hes talking about.