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17 Y/O and Low Testosterone


hello guys. 1st of all sorry for bad english. i'm a 17 and a half years old male from europe.I'm having a low sex drive (im horny like once per week). My erections are not strong, my dick gets soft imediatly if i dont use him ha ha. Its also not big if i compare myself to other 17,18 years old guys.

I also have low sperm count, when i cum the amount is small.I never have morning wood, unless i have to go pee like really bad in the morning.M I feel like a little bitch on period mostly ( if i get in conflict with someone or i do something wrong i just start to cry like a bitch AND I DONT WANT TOO..FFS im fucking most muscular guy in my class,one of the most muscular on my school,and i act like little bitch. so...might i have low testosterone ?

i will go to doctor soon so he will check it out becouse you don't get testosterone in farmacy just like that in my country, you get it legally only if doctor prescribe it. (i can also get it illegaly lol).So lets say i will have low testosterone and doctor will not want to prescribe me test. therapy ? what should i do then ?

THANKS for all the anwsers, if you dont understand anything just ask.


+I also have tired muscles all the time, im often depressed…and i cant get rid of titty fat no matter how hard i diet.


There is a lot of reading to do, see these stickies: [they do not have icons]

  • advice for new guys
  • things that damage your hormones

Sperm count is a microscopic analysis. Nothing to do with amount if ejaculate.

Get these labs:
fasting cholesterol
fT4 [please not T3, T4]

Your objective to find out what is wrong and then why its wrong, and fix that. Low testosterone at your age is the symptom, not the cause.


thank you !!! so can i get low test. becouse of overtraining ?? becouse i was not always like that. i workout 6 times per week, for around 1 hour and 20 mintues per session, 15 sets for big muscles groups6-8 smaller ( i do push,pul,leg workouts), and 30 sets for whole legs total. i also dont sleep alot becouse of school i usually get 5-6 hours of sleep per night. I dont drink alocohol or do drugs, i eat clean around 2300kcal per day, as im shreeding now.


Extreme low fat in diet can mess things up too.

Look at what happens downstream of cholesterol: