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17 Y/O, 6’6” at 205 Pounds


Shoulders: 116cm / 46 inches
Chest: 103 cm / 41 inches
Arms: 39 cm / 15.4 inches
Waist: 76 cm / 30 inches
Thighs: 55 cm / 22 inches
Calves: 39 cm / 15 inches

I am, as stated in the title, 17 years old, 6’6” (200cm) tall and currently at 205 pound (93kg).
Been weightlifting for almost one year. Have done other physical activity before that. Such as basketball, swimming, dancing and so on. Right before starting to lift weights (1 year b4 it), practiced basketball and did some bodyweight training.

My goal is to be at 220lbs (100kg) till the upcoming summer, lean muscle, not bulky. I am currently as stated b4 at 205 pound (93kg).
What I am mostly focused on is becoming more proportioned. IF i had to compete i’d try to do it in classic physique category.

I am currently on my bulk, have started 2 weeks ago, which means im not as lean as i would naturally be.

What i was wondering about is, if you guys could tell me what part/s of my body should i put more focus on, how my body looks (proportion wise) and how would you rate it from (1-10) knowing some details about me.

P.S haven’t trained legs in more than 3 months bcs of an injury.


I would say the areas that are most lacking are very clearly your legs (by a mile), followed by delts, and lats. It looks like you have SOME quad development coming in, but it doesn’t look like you’ve put in a ton of work in that area yet.


Legs need to be worked on asap but you about 10 inches taller then me so i see why it might be hard.


Looks like you aren’t naturally broad. 46 inches shoulder circumference at 6’6 200+ lbs is kinda low. I am six inches shorter than you but my shoulder width is 50 inches. I’d beef up the shoulders and lats to make up for that, it won’t change your shoulder width that much since it is mostly determined by your clavicles length, but it’ll add some illusion to it.

Good news is that you’ve got a great 30 inches waist at 6’6, not many people have that.


Thanks for your response,

Yeah, i see it myself. Haven’t trained them for some time, bcs of an injury. I’ll get on it asap.
About delts and lats; do you mean i should grow them, so i’d look wider or “thicker”?


Thanks for your response,

I am going to get them bigger, way bigger than it is right now, it’ll take some time.
I don’t really struggle with growing my thighs/quads and so, but calves are a different story, i’m guessing bcs of my height, or that i am naturally skinny.


Thanks for your response,

The measurements could be wrong, especially shoulders. Do not really know how to measure them correctly. But you might be right. I’ll try to focus more on them.
And the waist you’re right about… it is thin. Reason being, i was really skinny when i was younger.


Thanks everyone for replying,

From what i understand, what most of you critique my body for are my lats, shoulder and back. I should put more focus on. Of course my legs too, but thats a different story to it.
I’d also like to get a reply on my arms and chest, are they any good, or is there something i should work more on?

Thank you.


COuld just be how you are standing but would do some rear delts/posture work.

Generally for 17 well above average shape, just keep working on building a foundation


Thanks for your response, and kind words,

It may be true that i need to work on my rear delts and posture, but i believe that it has mostly something to do with the way i was posing (not leaning back for back poses and such) bcs i really don’t know any poses, never practiced them.


Hot take: you have a great base, good work. Lose the man bun. Buns are for attractive females wearing glasses.

All muscle you gain is “lean muscle”. You have to eat surplus calories to gain it. Which means some fat will come along for the ride. The trick is gaining mostly muscle and losing mostly fat on the cut. There’s 1,000 articles on how to do that on this very site.

If you want to gain 15 lbs by summer that’s a surplus of 15x3,500 = 52,500 calories between now and then. Assuming summer starts June 1st that’s 8.5 months or 255 days. You need to average at least a 206 calorie surplus per day to get there. Remember your young metabolism may adapt to the increased activity and TEF and you’ll have to eat even more if weight gain slows down.


I second what Basement_Gainz said. 220lbs is a nice realistic goal so long as you understand some fat may come with it. You won’t look bulky at 220lbs and 6’6". My best friend is your height and he just started looking thick at 250lbs. You have a nice base as others have said so grind it out in the gym and put effort into your diet. You will shine… oh and I also second losing the man bun.


Thank both of you for your replies and kind words @Basement_Gainz @blshaw
Appreciate it.

Right now, as stated in my post, i am bulking. Eating as much as i can.
Thank you @Basement_Gainz for your detailed reply, ill have that in my mind.
And thank you @blshaw for assuring me that my goal is not unrealistic, and truly possible to reach.

Shortly about the man bun :smiley:
I don’t usally wear it in a bun, i keep it lose, or tied. Did it only for the pictures, so my body get fully exposed and is easier to see my back. Same as my training, i am committed to my goal with it. Let it grow til the last year of my highschool journey, cut it, donate it and shave it all of. :wink:


On arms & chest- they just need time and effort. If you look at many people with similar proportions you’ll see that they look thin or lanky even at much higher weight.

An example would be Rob Gronkowski. 6’6" @ 265 lbs. But at the same time no one would ever mistake him for undeveloped.


No one in the AFC can really cover him either. Yeesh.