17 Y/O 220 6 Ft

Yes im aware that these are in good lighting posing but im not a bodybuilder and i dont have those pics and im not overly concerned with taking them rn. This is just for fun.
Im a wrestler not a bodybuilder so not concerned too much with physique rn but do u guys think i have decent genetics to compete in the future. Also what would u place my bodyfat at my inbody said 10 percent.


Plenty good for 17 years old. Excellent genetics.

Who cares what your percent body fat is? As long as you can see abs and a fair amount of distinct muscle separation, that is what everyone here wants.

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Are you pumped from working out? Even if you are for 17 I would agree with @RT_Nomad . Still, I would take some non pumped pics without a flex for better assessment. I mean you may as well use filter if that’s the case and a little photoshop.

These are all no pump i will take some pics next time i have the chance

If thats the case then you are way ahead of the curve. Prob were regardless. We get a lot of these “do I have decent genetics” posts lately from youngsters like yourself. In this case you ‘appear’ to indeed have them but nobody would know until you put some more time in. Its hard to see your insertions as well from these photos but you certainly are big and lean!

Thanks dude I mean i train my ass off and my diet is near perfect but all my training is for wrestling and my training is cardio wrestling and wrestling specific lifting nothing for bodybuilding but i think it may be in my future after college.

Hell yeah you do, amazing physique dude.


Have you been blasting since you were 16?


Dude, you can probably do whatever you want to do!

How come any time I browse IG, I’m always amazed at just how far camera technology has come with the pristine resolution it captures…yet any time I come into Rate My Physique everyone uses a potato to take the pictures and apparently lives in a third world dungeon?


Very sad. Looks like some Gyno is peaking out of the sides of the tank. Going on steroids at 16 is a dogshit decision and there’s no nicer way of putting it.


I imagined sarms at most. OP was trying to play it casual in multiple other threads as if he wasn’t in camp permablast.

Also, you should take a look at the Sock it to me! Thread in regards to age and muscular development, if you havent already



Wait hold up…you are saying 70 mg/week of TC won’t chemically castrate you and instead is typical and similar to what a young, healthy dude would produce endogenously (ignoring the pulsatile nature of HPTA)? Wow, great for guys to understand and appreciate!

Thank you @unreal24278

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This is a wild thread, I’m glad I checked it out!

If I’m being completely honest, I didn’t actually even consider steroids when I started this thread, my mind was really just on ‘damn, this kid has some big fucking legs, ABSOLUTELY great genetics.’ We’ve seen some true freaks come through here, and my first thought was that this was another one.

Then I read that ‘750 test for a year’ thread that was linked… And yea. The idea that someone would ‘post for someone else because it’s just soooooo hard to start your own account’ is… well, it’s a lie. We all know it. Honestly, I hope the OP continues to deny it (@dankcruton you’re smart to do this), because even though we all know he’s lying, it’s the best thing he can do for himself at this point, if people close to him end up stumbling on this forum and seeing this. He needs the plausible deniability, and I’m glad he recognizes that. He’s made enough mistakes on here as it is, no need to compound it.

Alllll that being said, and even taking into account how ridiculous a year long blast at that level for a 17 year old is, I’d say the kid probably still has pretty good genetics, at the very least good enough to eventually do some competing in bodybuilding if he so chooses. There’s no way to tell what the ceiling is, particularly since this isn’t natty, but whatevs. Most people could take the drugs he took, for much longer, and never look like this.


was this supposed to sound sarcastic lol

what weight do you wrestle at?

Yeah, I little humor between @unreal24278 and me.

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yeah given the context i was left wondering lol

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The origin story is here if you are interested:

Way too much fun.

let me take a peek xD