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17 Y/O, 189lbs, 6'3. Feedback on Back Progress?

1 year of training.

Just looking for some feedback on my back and what parts of it may be lagging, I’ve been training for just over a year now and have competed once in bodybuilding. Looking to compete again in a year or 2.



Excellent for your age, keep doing what you are doing


Great Back width but all of them :smiley:

That is great progress so just like previously said, keep doing what you are doing!!!

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Awesome back bro keep up the good work! If I were you, I would work on my traps and make sure to be doing squats. Squats and deadlifts are paramount for muscular development. I like doing stiff leg deadlifts one day during the week, and traditional deads on another. As always, focus on the mind muscle connection when dead lifting and don’t go overboard with heavy weight until your form is bitchin.’

Thanks man, ill make sure i add more trap work in!!

The main reason I say this is because my traps were something I neglected to hit directly when I started and they are underdeveloped now. I wasn’t trying to insinuate yours are not up to par, just food for thought. Balance and symmetry should always be priority.

Legs and glutes… Back width looks great.

Why just your back? More pics will help give a better idea. Lats and rear delts seem solid, but that’s about all we can tell. No clue about your upper back or really any other bodyparts.

Did you get any input from the judges after your show?

At your height, there’s a lot of space to fill out, so competing again in a year won’t really give you much time to put on a bunch of quality size before cutting again.

More poses for a better critique

Great physique for someone so young. Legs and calves…

Your upper body is all proportionate. Obviously since you’re 6’3 legs are never gonna be a strong suit. Good over all though :+1: