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17 with Low Testosterone?


What's up TNation, i believe i have some pretty serious hormone issues. i can't afford to see a doctor or anything so i though maybe someone here would have some advice to offer me.

im 17, almost 18 and have some pretty odd issues. first off and most importantly, i can't really get hard. and if i do its random and never all way up. on top of that i have female curves. im incredibly embarrassed about this, my body really looks like a girls. all my weight goes to my thighs ass and lower back. i work out and watch what i eat for the most part but i can NOT get the fat to drop off of my ass/ thighs.

i also have nearly no facial hair. i felt like a normal developing boy until a few years ago when all this shit started happening to me. i don't think ive grown at all since. i look more like im 14 or 15 than 18, and my voice sounds exactly like a girl's.

the thing is i had a testosterone test done and they told me my levels were normal. i know theres something wrong with me, but if not testosterone than i don't know...

any advice you guys could offer me would mean so much to me. im desperate.


always get and retain your labs

post the lab with the ranges, in a list

read the stickies

start here: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/prototype_advice_for_new_guys

read posts of others


Are you pretty tall?


5'8, not tall.


"normal" to a lab doesn't mean a lot... See if you can get the numbers they gave you....


"i can NOT get the fat to drop off of my ass/ thighs."

Calories in, calories out. Lots of protein. Think about anorexic people or Auschwitch victims. They could drop the fat, you can too. You just have to commit yourself to dieting.

"i also have nearly no facial hair"

So? My beard started to grow when I was about 18. Don't worry about it. To add, some people actually only hit puberty when they are 18. People are different. Relax if at all possible. It will help too.

...And get those lab results.


Sometimes it isn't that simple as there are other variables that may be in play. If his hormone's are truly abnormal and his thyroid is underactive, it will be hard to drop the fat despite restricting calories.


Yeah, this. "Calories in, calories out" is one of those things that sounds so obvious that it HAS to be true, but the mechanics of fat metabolism are way more complicated than that. Restricting calories might just make him exhausted all the time and have no real effect on that fat tissue. Gotta get at the underlying stuff.


so i got those results from that lab test i took.
im not sure what any of it means or whats relevant to post so i'll just post everything it says.

thyroid stim hormone: 1.60 [0.4-5.3] UIU/ML

prolactin: 10.2
Unit: MG/ML
expected prolactin ranges:
male: (2.6 - 18.1)
female: (1.2 - 29.9)

testosterone total: 420.0
reference range: 132 to 813
Unit: ng/dL

Tanner Stage Testosterone
or Age (yrs) Male Female

I (7 mo-9 yrs) <30 <10
II (10-13) <150 <30
III (14-15) 100-320 <35
IV, V (16-19) 200-970 15-40

is this all normal or is there anything indicative of a problem?
if my my levels are all normal then i don't know what else could be the cause my problems.


I'm no doctor, but 420 looks low to me FOR YOUR AGE. You should be in the prime right now - like high end of the range. If at all possible you need to get to a doctor. I know you said funds are tight, but how important is feeling better to you?