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17 Weeks Into Daily IM Injections, Still Having Some Issues

Hi all, Im now 17 weeks into my 0.04/ 10mg daily I/m dosing and I’m experiencing extremely low libido again with extremely dry skin (no sebum production at all) Producing no sweat. Numb/ occasionally cold genitals.
Morning wood is there almost every day providing sleep and diet are good, and erections are 90% better after stopping hcg and starting this protocol. I’m feeling motivated and driven at work and have found my competitive streak for the first time in my life.
Its just the lost mojo thing which is impacting my life outside of work and the extreme brain fog isn’t helping matters. The dry skin and low libido/numbness seem to go together as when my skin is oily and my back has more zits i seem to have higher sex drive.

Current bloods;

TT-25 nmol/l
Free T- 0.644
E2- 100 pmol/l
prolactin 112 -mu/l
Ferritin 86.1 ug/l

TSH-2.03 mlu/l
Free T3- 5.99 pmol/l
Free Thyroxine- 14.7 pmol/l
Reverse T3- 18

Its worth noting that some times my e2 comes back at 140 pmol/l and then 3 weeks later it will be back at 80-90 then goes back up again. Im not on any A/I I live in the UK and my doctor has told me that UK e2 tests are not as accurate as the us.

Could I have problems with adrenals/ Dht/ Dhea or pregnenolone levels?

Any advice would be appreciated Thankyou

DHT is more of a driver of libido then testosterone and oily skin/acne is linked to DHT, daily injections might not allow for good conversion to DHT.

DHT is responsible for triggering sebaceous glands to produce sebum.

When I inject daily I get very dry skin after 7 days which force me to stop.

What approach did you take to counteract this and did it resolve the issue?
Could low dose proviron help at all?

I inject every other day, my skin is normal and did get a little acne at week 5-6 that disappeared after 6 weeks.

Vitamin C is also important for hydrated skin, but not even a heavy dose of it corrected the dry skin on the daily protocol.

I don’t know or have any firsthand experience with proviron since it’s not approved for treatment in the US.

Some have solved the low DHT by also using low dose testosterone cream application to the testicles daily in conjunction with their regular TRT injection protocol.

thankyou systemlord. Just out of curiosity what eod dosage do you feel best on? and what levels do you achieve with these please?

I’m currently on 20mg EOD and get 500 ng/dL, Free T 20-22 (ranges 10.8-25.5), SHBG 18 (and climbing) and estradiol at 62 pg/mL.

Now I notice libido and erectile strength is better a tad lower, but have weight to lose and muscle to build before I start becoming concerned about sexual health.

I’m certain everything will fall into place once I lose significant weight. I am already doing well, more energy, getting stronger in the gym every week, increasing the weight consistency every 7 days.

my DHT has been around 30-40 ng/dl for years. 3 pumps 2x daily of Androhard bumped it to 64.

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Your problem is the 70mg/wk if I read your post correctly. You gotta bump it up. 70mg/wk is not enough for you. There are those that love the sub 100mg/wk and that works for them. Bump up and you should notice a huge difference. I inject 30mg/wk and all of my lab markers have improved, libido has been very consistent, and Mind works better than a year ago. Im not saying triple your dose, but I would at least increase to 100/wk and push into 160/wk. You have to experiment and see what resolves the issues that brought you to TRT. Everything takes time.

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Thats interesting. Your e2 is quite high compared to your tt and ft. Do you think its the higher e2 or slightly higher test that causes weaker erections and lower libido i wonder? Do you feel better in general though at those levels and will you drop down lower once you have hit those goals? Good luck on hitting those goals sound like you are heading in the right direction.

The weird thing is is when my levels were on the way up i passed through a point where libido came back a bit for couple weeks and then disappeared so this makes me a little reluctant to bump it up. Like you said though its a game of experimentation to find where you feel best. Its just a ball ache knowing you have to go through instability again and this is usually about 7-8 weeks for me. With higher levels i def feel more alpha and confident. What do you now take weekly because you said 30mg??

Gotta push through. I waited months to be where Im at now. I dont make changes just because Im not as horny as last week. Its all a program running in the background now. Im here mostly to answer some questions due to the fact that Im doing pretty good now and have no issues to report.

did you ever have issue at any dose or while waiting for stability with numbness or coldness downstairs?

I dose daily due to SHBG of 16. Months ago I could feel a change in dose. Now i dont. Take 2.5mg Cialis and get some bloodflow to your genitalia, and dont yank on it vigorously. I do know the cold feeling and its pretty normal when not erect. Im feeling it right now. Ive been off Cialis for a month, but will jump back on again next week. I once had hard flaccid for months after banging 3x day and getting blown constantly. The cold feeling is pretty normal, most men dont focus on it though. As for numbness, I had that issue once due to having bad cushioning on my desk chair. It was pinching a nerve on the back of my legs close to buttocks. It made me feel like my dick was being pulled into my body. Fixed itself once I ordered a cushy chair.

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You are on a dose that no man should be on. 70MG is stupid low. the goal is to fix your low t, not kill your natural production and reinstate Low T again.

T doesnt kill. T is needed by the male body. You need to get your levels much higher to achieve the benefits you want.

If i was taking cypionate i would take 200mg a week. Others take 150, 160,170 and so on. I rarely see anyone on anything below. Some will lower their dose as soon as a symptom shows . Dont be that guy, man up and ride it out. So many guys expect immediate results and dont realize they will feel much better if they simple allow the body to recalibrate on a healthy level of bio identical hormones.

Don’t stay on a low dose out of fear. Or dont trust your doctor if he’s scared to raise the dose. find another doctor. The pharma industry wants you to believe T is unsafe so that they can sell you their insulin and statins and SSRI. They know T will cure most of these issues and you wont need to continue buying viagra and whatever else thats produced by their labs.

Doctors don’t want to realize this because they benefit from writing scripts and having their patients come in monthly. they need the repeat business.

Its time to realize this and dont be scared to take the right amount of T to remove symptoms. The best way to do this is by starting at a healthy/normal dose and increasing or decreasing until symptoms resolve. Start too low and you might spend a year slowly increasing your dose.

Keep in mind the body needs a good 3 months to stabilize once you raise the dose, but you should know fairly quick if it’s starting to work. This is why men are better off starting at a higher dose. You wont get acne or hair loss unless you are genetically prone to these issues.

You can take 20 a day if its a T like cypionate … im generalizing my statement, but ive never heard of anyone take a dose of any type of T that low. I might not know something you know though.

Low libido = not enough arousal = low blood flow right?

but i must be quite sensitive to test if i get a level of 24 from just 70 mg a week. if i bump up to 140 wont that double levels and put e2 way up?

Not at all. And stop worrying about E. Here’s the issue with lots of men on this board. They think that E is evil and causes gyno, or other female traits. E will never out do T, so bump up your T and let the E fall where it may. Those numbers are going to fluctuate daily. Someone is gonna come in real soon and say that they need an AI or that issues are due to high E. You need the E. If you look at my early posts you will find a man who is unsure and knows nothing about what I know now. Focus on bringing up your T. Ride in 1200-1500 zone for a few months and then bring the volume down. Libido and wood are going to be your wake up alarm. But you have to bring levels up. The rest is out of your control. Your body will know what to do within weeks to months.

Why does someone need to be 1k+ total t on trough?

Because its cool! Seriously though, there’s no real answer to this one. Its all preference. We are all an experiment to see what works best. Mimicking natural levels is kinda pointless to those who are naturally deficient. According to studies, I should not be alive. So a through of 1000 is life for those who have been close to death. Its all personal choice.
“But but the studies” Sometimes you gotta say screw the studies.

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True that. You can find a study to prove virtually any point.

I just personally believe it’s not healthy for an aging body to have testosterone levels above range.

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