17 w/ HGH?

i’m 17 years old and i’ve been lifting hard for about 2 years. i know thats not very long and you cant train very hard at 15 years old but i have always done what i can. i really have an interest in bodybuilding and would like to do something involved with it after high school.

i’m entering a competition in october (bout 10 months away) and am training hard for that. i am not completely stupid and i won’t touch steroids until about 23 or 24 or when i have more experience and am older and all that. but what are the dangers of hgh at 17? they the same risks as juice?

i’m not looking 2 cop my way out of hard work cuz i know thats the only way 2 get anywhere… but i would like to try this out if it’s a decent idea at 17…?? any help at all would be greatly appreciated

i am also a juvenile diabetic so the insulin is already there… are there any greater risks to me as a diabetic?

yes you are too young to use and yes there are dangers at your age.

Wow. I hope you know that HGH and steroids call all of our names even the people that are so adamantly against them. Just as fornication is calling the pastor’s name that preaches so adamantly against it every Sunday. Give yourself a chance to maximize your full potential. Find what your body responds best to training and diet wise. Don’t make decisions that will affect your lives permanently and possibly harmfully while you are so young.

If you are interested in maximizing your body’s potential post pone your competition and take advantage of your probably very high natural testosterone levels right now. Unless you are really really short you don’t need HGH or steroids right now. Hell I was still growing taller until I was 23yrs old. Just my 2 cents.

hey young fella, i work in the medical field and have a chance to see the lab results of people of all ages. as such, i can say without equivocation that its nearly 100% positive that at your age you have plenty of growth hormone being secreted and also a ton of endogenous testosterone. now is the time for you to make the most of these years when you are a veritable test factory.

then later after say 10 good years of training, you can start to think about structuring an androgen cycle. now, in the meantime it wouldn’t hurt to learn all you can about the various androgens as well as the ancillary drugs that round out a well thought out cycle. good luck.