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17, Test Results

So I am a formerly obese 17 years old male. I am 5’7 and 160 pounds. I just took a blodd test and my results came at these values: Free test: 4pg/ml in a 3.84-34 range and Total test at 15 in a 5-27 range. My sex drive is low and I feel constantly tired even if I lift, eat relatively right and sleep (or atleast try to) 9 hours a day.
Any hope on getting put on TRT or something so I finally feel normal?

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LH/FSH - very important
prolactin - very important
fasting glucose
fasting cholesterol [could be too low]
AM cortisol [at 8AM please]

Were you on a starvation diet?
Are your outer eyebrows getting sparse?
Have you always used iodized salt?

I am new to the forum, I should have read all faq’s first but I will do them now. Yes, I was on a starvation diet and never looked at my macros, I wanted to stop being obese… I remember having days where I would only eat some watermelon. my outer eyebrows are getting really sparse actually, is this a common symptom? and yes I always iodized salt. I am writing those lab test down and will tell my endocrinologist to take them.
and more info on my situation.
I grew up as a fat kid and hit my worst at 15 when I was 250 pounds at a 5’7 weight. I felt disgusted with myself when highschool started and found a diet called Dukan. I followed that to the book and lost 100 pounds. I was 5’7 150 pounds but had no muscle mass to speak of which made me attracted to bodybuilding. I have tried some supplements like vitamin d, magnesium, b6, zinc and calcium but they seem to have no effect. My gym gains are low and I struggle to lift weights a new guy in the gym could lift.
My skin is also really yellow for some reason, its not jaundice and it isn’t liver related.

and I forgot to add, my fasting cholesterol was indeed low, it was 110 in a 150-250 lab range. Hematocrit was normal but I don’t remember exactly the value, will update if you need it

Dude post your labs or this is pointless.

Yellow Bluff. How versed are you in testosterone replacement therapy?

I just started trt therapy. 5 years ago my total test came back at 87. At the time I was a 29 year old male. I went on cream for a while and brought it up to 500. I couldn’t stand using the stuff so I decided to hit the gym as hard as I could and quit the cream. I’ve been working out for 4 years and my test levels two months ago were 300. That’s as high as I am going to get them working out and doing everything on my own.

I feel I am working with a very incompetent endocrinologist. This lady has me on a hundred milligrams every two weeks and I am crashing like a mother a week and a half in. I had my blood drawn again and test came back at 340. Does it sound right to you or is this even a therapeutic dose of testosterone? From what I read literature and things like that 100 milligrams a week is a basic dose? What are your thoughts

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  • things that damage your hormones
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Ask for:
50mg T cypionate or ethanate, injected twice a week with #29 0.5ml 1/2" insulin syringes
0.5mg anastrozole at time of injection

You may have thyroid problems.
Check your oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics explained link/sticky.
Starvation increases rT3 that blocks fT3, but you need to read to understand.
And starvation can cause permanent changes to gene expression, you go not go back to normal.

You have to study the suggested reading. It is not possible to gain the knowledge and understanding that you require from posts in this forum.
250iu hCG SC EOD - using above syringe or #31 5/16th

Update: Doctor was a waste of time, he was unprofessional and didn’t even care about my symptoms. He just looked at my numbers and saw that free testosterone is in the right range. 4.4 in a 3.8-39 range and said it is perfectly fine for a boy my age. He told me to wait a year and re-do the tests. I guess here starts the race to finding a real doctor.

  • ‘finding a TRT doc’ is where you will find ideas

Went to the other endocrinologist from my town. She listened to me but eventually decided its all in my head and gave me vitamins, VITAMIN E and C. she did tell me to come in one month again if I feel the same way, maybe she was thinking about placebo or something. Anyway the only way to fix my things is to fake my blood test somehow. I still feel like weak,tired and like I have no will to live. I will try to crash it somehow because these damn doctors only believe in what the range on the papers say. Any tips?

Where do you reside?

Europe, Romania so its even harder to find a good endo here, i’ve been reading and re-reading most of the stickies here and maybe I can make her put me on Test+HCG somehow, if not, I will wait a few years and maybe start doing it myself after I get my own money

A lot of the doctors are not helping not because they are complete idiots but also because doctors a typically vary of putting someone so young on a lifetime therapy. I am 25 and even for me some doctors have been hesitant due to the dependence of it throughout the life. Even though this does not make a lot of sense in hindsight but it’s what I see. Hypogonadism is very common but under-diagnosed problem and one doctors don’t take very seriously due to not being able to feel what we feel and lack of physical symptoms. Majority of the people are also not being treated properly as well, with 2 of the 3 docs I visted were very clueless about it, one of them didn’t inform me about the infertility aspect of it and wanted to start with gel. I typically don’t argue or bother to counter any of these docs views and just move on due to the knowledge I have gathered here.

You should, I know it’s tough after knowing you have a problem, to wait and keep seeing different docs until you find one that’s willing to work with you and is open to your feedback on treatment. There’s no way for the doctor to treat your symptoms when he doesn’t even wanna hear them out. In that time, you will also know whether this change is permanent. I lost 110 pounds as I was also obese throughout adolescence. My T didn’t recover but most people’s does after some natural healing time.

That’s an amazing weight loss good job, unfortunately for us there are side effects we were not aware of at the time. It still beats being obese tho. I remember that I had days where I was eating even less than 500 calories a day and basically living of water and diet coke. Now i’ve been searching more about starvation related hypogonadism and it is not that uncommon, I just have to guide a doctor through this. I am going to use the things I have learned on this website to try my luck on another endocrinologist and hopefully get him to put me on Clomid or Injections.
I’ll probably need to take LH, FSH and estradiol labs to be sure its secondary hypogonadism anyway.

Update: Went to another endo and this one seems to think it might be hypothyroidism. Will do those temperature tests once I get my thermometer to check it before my FSH and LH results come.

You never posted your thyroid labs. Low T is definitely a problem, could wait and see if levels rebound as you are young and recently lost a lot of weight.

oh yes my bad, I forgot to mention that they come Tuesday. I now have 2 endo’s I go to and one seems to think VItamin C will fix me and the other thinks it’s thyroid problems.

Vit C will cure low T?

According to the first endo, it is a perfectly normal level and gave me vitamin C. She did tell me to go again in a month, maybe she will think more about it then. i got a question I didn’t saw or passed by me on the forum, what would TSH levels be in hypogonadism? Never mind, I found it, it is supposed to be low