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17 Pounds At Birth!


WTF is in the water?!


Damn! 17 pounds at birth!


This was brought up in my Anatomy & Physiology class today. And the picture of the 2 babies side by side was passed around as well, it looks like the baby on the right is afraid of being eaten.


Geez, and I thought I was a big baby at 10.5 lbs.


no shit!
Somebody hand that girl a barbell! Quick!

she's probably juicin :wink:haha


I was born at 11 or 12 pounds, but that is freakin' huge. I wonder how tall she is.


Shes already got the bench form down.


I bet the mother had gestational diabetes. That is the only way I can figure that a baby could get to that size.


Well that vagina is ruined.


It was her 12th child so probably


The baby was delivered via c-section.


It's not just fat, either. Compare the size of the head to that other baby!


At least a new one was brought into the world.


true. But it is off limits for 18 years. That is a pretty slow rate of return imo.


Less than that if you can get her to move to Alabama. Heck, who knows what the age is in Siberia...


T-Baby. If only it was a boy, but born in Siberia is fitting for a true T-Baby.