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17-Phero-Ex Pro-Hormone Info?


I am looking for any information on 17-phero-ex made by legal limit labs. I havent been able to find much info on it by searching. The ad at complete nutrition claims 20lbs of muscle in 4 weeks, that sounds a little outrageous, so Im tryin to do a little research on the product before/if i buy it. Any info on experiences, side effects, how to cycle, post cycle, etc, would be appreciated.

I am 24 and have been liftin since middle school (football).
I did an uneducated cycle of M1T a couple years back, other than that all ever have used it protein, creatine, BCAA, and fish oil.

Heres what the label says:




It's Pheraplex, read the prohormone/designer steroid sticky for more info.


20lbs of "Muscle" in 4wks yeah! OK!
Treat is like any other oral 17a steroid keep your cycle around 6wks and whatever pct works for you. Good Luck!


thanks for the response but i dont how i would treat any other 17a steroid , thats why im asking.



It looks like you have some reading to do then. Start at the top of the page and hxave fun.


Pheraplex is DMT, and old school designer steroid that they USED to not be able to detect.

Now a days they can, but thats not really the point.

its a 17aa, which means its liver toxic, if you take it for much more than 6 weeks your asking for big liver problems.

It is a steroid, its straight DMT, it does not convert.

Its similar to superdrol in gains, although most feel its weaker, but with fewer sideeffects.

You will need an SERM for PCT, they are available at any research chemical site of your choosing, we can help you with those sites if you need.


thanks westclock, they sell this at complete nutrition as a package with what they call
"re-cycle" which is supposed to be the PCT for it. I am not sure at the moment what is in re-cycle. they also recomend what they call charger, which is milk thistle and hawthorn berry , which i assume is thier form of liver support.


I wouldn't buy any premade packs.

The drug itself (pheraplex) is like 30 bucks.

A bottle of nolva is going to be 55.

Their "perfect cycle" or "Post cycle" or whatever is not drugs, its a supplement and is not sufficient.

You will need tamoxifen citrate for recovery, or another SERM.


i may consider going with something a little milder right now since im still very unfamiliar with some of this information. I know its not even close to the same level but would halodrol liquigels from gaspari be a tamer place to start out? and would they require any pct?


Im not even sure what those are. I do know they are not drugs, and are not likely to do anything.

DMT is safe if used correctly, do your research, either decide to do it, or stay natural.

Prohormones are a stepping stone to real steroids, the stepping stone to Prohormones is creatine (seriously).

Dont waste your money on a product that is not worth the box it came in.


ya , i was looking into those and apparently gaspari is just using to halodrol name as a marketing tool. its looks like more of an NO maximizer than anything.


ok , next question could i run a shorter cycle , maybe 2 weeks on the phero, and be able to recover with a form of PCT that didnt require a rx or having to buy something "for research purposes only" . I am concered with products such as nolvadex especially because many of the sites claiming to sell it i question their legitimacy.

thanks for the help.


4 week minimum.

It will take almost 2 weeks to even build up in the system.

We can provide you with legitimate research sites, thats not the issue.

Man up, either do it or don't, no half assing.

PH's are baby steroids, used properly they will not hurt you.