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17 Inch Arms


finally hit 17 inch arms pumped, im pretty excited. not gloating but just am proud of myslef. 18 inches is the next milestone. best of luck to everyone with there goals.


got a few pics, the came out kinda shitty, but i think it's cause i white as a ghost.


tape measured.




last 1, the black background hels a bit


Good work man. You got a pretty nice peak for your BF level (no offense), whenever you lean out in the future your arms are gonna look solid.


Good job mate. How old are you. I'd work on hardening up a little. Get 17 inch arms pumped with less fat around them will look even more impressive!


I'm 17, I know I gotta lean out, and a tan would definately help too. thanks everbody.


Nice work, man!! Many of us are in the arms race, too, so we know the goal..

+1" is the mantra.

Is it '+2.54cm'if you're Canadian or Euro?


Finally something to actually applaud.

Hit us back when they hit 18 in a few years. I was beginning to think the genetics on this board were just shamingly pathetic...or at least the work ethic is.


Nice work man. For shits and giggles, how much do you normally curl during your sets?


Great job! From what I can see, your biceps seem to be more developed than your triceps. I'm sure you train both, but I would emphasize triceps (overhead extensions hit the long head well) for a while.


thanks again everbody much appreciated, the goal is 18 inch guns by this time next year. hopefully i'll be a bit leaner and have a tan.

Today's workout I did bis and tris,

for bb curls
65x10 (warmup)

Closegrip Bench
135x10 (warmup)


that's the truth, my tirceps are good, but not up to par with my bi's. they look good in an arm down tricep pose but could be bigger in the front double bi. I just started incorporating overhead extensions 3 weeks ago, we'll see how it goes. thanks


I know your a big bencher, and that certainly is good for triceps mass, but I've found over DB extensions, skull crushers, reverse grip presses, and close grip presses to be my best tricep builders. (Those were in no particular order)

In summary, just do some extra iso work, you'll be fine.


what kind of volume. 3-6 sets? 6-15 reps? I have got the most growth out of 75-80% of my max for 10-12 reps. But were always learning and what works this week may not work next week


Very impressive for someone your height and age.

You have some genetic talent for bodybuilding and you have a solid training program and youth on your side. Keep up the good work and you could be a great bodybuilder.

I am excited for you man and can't wait to see you progress.


I knew ya had it in ya. These milestones are what keep us going.


Yeah man, definitely great job. It's pretty impressive to see someone rockin' the same age as their bicep size.


Thanks again everbody the compliments are really appreciated and definately mean something. This is what i've been working on for the past 2 years I've been bodybuilding. Plan on sporting some 24's one day. haha.