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17-HD Concern

Vyotech has a product called 17 HD…im sure you have seen it at those shitty places they like to call GNC. Anyway my friend bought a bottle and said he wants to just split it. Just 15 days worth each and if we notice anything than to buy it again. We are both 18…curious though. I read up alot on this shit…funny thing is im still confused as to what it REALLY is. I do know it contains ecdysterone which is an anabolic flavone. The ingredients are as such:
17-Halo-Methyl-Testosterone 400mg
Ge Gan(Pueraria Lobota)
Smilax Officinalis
N.O. Oliliacae

Beta Ecdysterone 100mg

Wild Yam Extract 100mg

Glabra 100mg

Phosphatidyl choline 50mg

Citric Acid 50mg

My major concern is the safety of taking this product at the age of 18. Not concerned with hearing your views of the effectiveness of the product…just the safety to that of an 18 year old healthy male.

18 and needing a supplement like that. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

wow noone gives a straight fucking answer…i dont need it…i got it for free…why not take it for 10 days? Now is it safe…yes or no?

Ok seriously…

Do you want to follow the advice of someone you were so rude towards? Grow the hell up:-)

You are asking for an opinion… not a fact. So you’re gonna get various answers. i have used it and loved it.
My opinion: it’s safe. A safer option? another company makes a similar product… 60 caps instead of 30, and you can find it MUCH cheaper.

I’d go for it. I was using the original animal stak at age 16. The best test booster I ever took. Absolutely no problems with natural output. Go for it but follow directions. Keep us posted with the results. I was wondering about that and the other product Viraloid. Probably just bullshit though.

cool…my friend wont listen to me…i told it him its perfectly fine to stack this wit creatine…but he really just wants to hear a third party opinion just in case. Its definately okay to stack 17hd with creatine titrate xtreme? I told him yes…i just assumed so because the two different chemicals have no synergy whatsoever and have nothing to do with one another…but hes persistant.