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Has anyone heard of this stuff? One of my friends was given a product made by Vyotech and it contained this chemical. I am guessing it's a pro-hormone, but dont' know. Thought this was the best place for it, thanks in advance.



What up M19?

I got this from another site during a search:

I have looked into this supplement and here's my guess:

17-HD is essentially 100 mgs of DHEA with Licorice Root - Glycyrrhiza glabra.

The DHEA is giving you the energy rush in the gym (which fades with continuous use) and the Licorice root (Glabra) is adding the the energy boost by raising your blood pressure.

If the Glabra they list on the label is really Licorice root it's kind of funny as licorice root has be shown to lower testosterone.

Dhea will increase Free Testosterone (which is the product's claim to fame

Hope this sheds some light.



M 19,

Everything I'm reading is saying its just a test booster.



Thanks bud, that's what I'm seeing as well. Take care