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17 Halo-Methyl Dianadrone


Anyone know what this supplement is?
It is labeled as 17 Halo-Methyl Dianadrone. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.


I'm gonna guess that you have the wrong picture there...


The one on the left is estrogen, with a methyl group, on the 5th carbon. The one in the middle is our old friend insulin, missing a nitrogen on it's fourth base, therefore setting oneself up for some moderate resistance. The one on the right, well he's just fucked, and will probably go WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE all the way home.


I have been in search of info on this particular product also. Company claims say it is a natural plant product...... but the strength boosts one gets would strongly suggest otherwise. Another one of life's mysteries........


Yes the picture is a mistake. It has been a long time since I had a Sam Adams and its effects are noticable on my computer skills. But the question is still valid.

Any info on 17 Halo-Methyl Dianadrone would be appreciated. It is very fast acting and fairly strong. Nocticable strength increases and some aggresion seem to be common.


It has a fancy scientific name to get your attention. It's BUNK! Contains Kuduzu,Sumac, and Sasspirilla. If You believe thier claims I've got some beach front property in Nevada to sell you.


I've tried one tablet and went from a 150kg deadlift to 170kg (multiply them both by 2.2 to get the measurements in lbs...) and a 105 kg bench to a 130 kg. That was just after one tablet. Okay, I was also using hyperdrol but hyperdrol seemed to have no effects whatsoever, other than me staying lean whiles eating alot and doing regular power work. I used 17-HD and it seemed to work with the free tablet so I will give it another shot...why not?


Ya, the shit is amazing, I just licked the bottle and my squat went up 50lbs. Come on, lets get fucking real here.


First post. Troll. Or sleazy company rep. Get lost. Anyone with any scientific background whatsoever knows that's a bunch of crap.


Well that's just what happened dude, I did some research and apparently it's just a natural herbal product like trib, but the licorice in it gives a really powerfull stimulant effect so that might be the reason. And maybe it was more mental focus/ placebo that had me increase the weights that much but I made those lifts and it only happened on that day. So either I ate something right or the pill worked...gives abit of a jittery caffeine effect though, like I felt my heart beating in an unusual manner...


What an idiot, I'm not a troll or company rep, i just had a f*ckin free sample pill and happened to lift heavier that day. Anyone with a scientific background would also say that whey is aload of tripe too as it's nutritional value is almost zilch but some people get positive effects in weight increase. All I know is my lifts went up on that day, that's it. Only time I've ever lifted 130kg before then was when I was alot bigger and more bodyfat. Since dropping to 79 kilos that was the first time I managed to equal my pb. So something must have happened right that day.


I don`t believe you.
Only product that works that good is NO2 Hardcore.




17-HD wont do anything for you. You would get the same positive effects from it by sending me the money you paid for it.


Now if you dont feel like reading the whole post ill highlight the important info.

.)17 ���?? As is c17a, the 17th carbon at the alpha position is where anabolic steroids have their potency and toxicity and often is where a methyl group is as attached.
2.)Halo ���?? Besides being a great X-Box game, it is another group of steroids such as the popular halotestin, also halodrol is quite popular in the prohormone world.
3.)Methyl ���?? See #1. Also ���?? see buzz word of the year (#2 is ethyl ester)
4.)Dianadrone ���?? Diana(bol) aka methandrostenolone, comes pretty close to hitting the whole 17-HD name is one fall swoop.
5.)17-HD, or 17-Halo-Methyl-Dianadrone, sounds like a chemical compound doesn���?�t it? Sounds like one heck of a methylated potent oral steroid. Right?

Guess what? It���?�s not. Matter of fact it���?�s just a bunch of herbs. I���?�d say this is pretty deceptive so far, but lets get into the useless or even counterproductive part.

So lets tally up the results: we got elevated estrogen, decreased testosterone, increased cortisol, increased blood pressure, and 2 laxatives.

Lastly, there is one ingredient listed that, in fact, does not existâ�?�¦so I canâ�?��?�t tell you what it is other than it is an herb. N.O. (sounds like Nitric Oxide â�?��?? Buzz Word!) Olilicae. Sorry. Given the collective data one WHAT IS IN THERE, I wouldnâ�?��?�t hope for much.

Well the only thing of benefit I see here is the 50mg of Vitamin C (citric acid), which doesn't even meet the lowly RDA. Sweet formulation. Really.

Good luck to anyone who uses this. The supplement industry loves you.


I think that anyone would agree that protein has amino acids which are essential for muscle recovery and numerous other bodily functinos. I also think most would agree that protein has calories which an abundance of calories equal weight gain.



Depends on what source of protein it is. Soy = sh*t. Whey = sh*t too. It is just the by product of milk and cheese and does not have the same available bcaas as milk or flax. Most of the bcaas out on the market are shite because a large majority are synthesized meaning they have a higher ratio of right handed amino acids which the body doesn't use.

Yes, whey will give you weight gain via calories but as for how much of that gain equates to quality mass is debatable - I put on lean mass drinking milk, eating eggs and other whole foods. I just personally believe alot of the meal replacements and protein drinks are over-priced, decieving and plain shite.

Back to 17-HD, I've done some more reading and have to concur it is actually crap in terms of its supposed anabolic effect but one of the ingredients does provide a good energy boost and that is licorice root. Although apparently you can't take it in excess as it is meant to have similar effects as caffeine (not the same, just mildly similar in the 'comedown' effect) but in terms of saving money and getting the same effects - licorice root supps from a local herb store seem to be the best option.

I will experiment and see if I get the same buzz I felt when I took the 17-HD and see if it has the same effects on my lifts. If so, I might start my own brand and start ripping people off like Vyotech :smiley:


17-hd is caffine creatine and blood pressure increasing things like smilax edcysterone is ganna increase LH a bit which will increase testosterone a bit but its mainly caffine and smilax