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17 and Want/Need some Advice?


alright i am 17 i keep powerlifting thinking i'm gonna get the body i want when im not or am i? see idk because i don't have the experience.

i would like someone to correct me if im wrong but if i lift or lets say powerlift my body will eventually come to me it will just take longer than it would bodybuilding?i would like to pick up a more bodybuilding based training but i want to stick to the basics. and do all the special shit later. but i dont train every bodypart as if i were powerlifting.


This should be good.


here ya go...thank me when you get hyugge!



Good thread; would read again.


Rewrite this thread because honestly, I don't understand what you're trying to say at all. You're seventeen but you type as if you were in elementary school still.


You're a dick ... that kid thinks you're being serious


Do it bro.

You're definitely on the right track. Just do whatcha gotta do, ya know? Teh resultz will be worth it!

Give updatez!!


remember to uze noXplodezzzzzzz no matter which route you go...shit made my friendz grandpas uncle hugeeeeeeee.


Get it right ronaldo


Look into westside for skinny bastards.

Honestly, at 17, I wish I had been using westside.

You CAN get strong and big at the same time. You just have to eat big to get big. Search "Massive eating," too.


Ooooooh, it buuuuurns.


Thanks to America's education system.


I'm from America, but I don't speak or talk like a degenerate. It's the fact that education isn't pushed onto kids enough at home. If the environment a child grows up in is academic, the kids will more than likely love learning, have higher vocabulary, etc. Look inward for the problem, not outward IMO.


why the fuck does everyone care about how i write. that shit is dumb seriously. we should be talking abouts weights. If u cant understand my writing then get the fuck off my post.


i did west side for a little bit but the speed training was kind of diff. what i mean by that is i had got really explosive but not really strong. that was like when i first started lifting and i think i would benefit a lot more now trying that. what is everyone's take on sheiko?

i tried it. it gave me like 30lbs in 6 weeks but im still young too so i dont know if it was the intensity or just growing.


Yeah actually writing like you've had some degree of education is dumb. What's dumb is asking for advice then acting like a complete jerk off and telling people to get off your post. nice one


Proper writing better conveys a message. Your typing is atrocious, thus making your post very confusing.


Yea fuck writing bro. Who needs it anyways??

Seriously man, your education is AT LEAST as important as lifting. You've got your whole life ahead of you to lift but NOW while you're still in high school is the most important time to get your education set (if you haven't already) because it determines what college you can get in and what you do in life later on.

Do you really want to end up like the thousands of unskilled factory workers that have lost their jobs after 20+ years? T


dong pushups.


It matters when people can't understand you AT ALL when you try to communicate. What are your goals? You haven't really asked a question or made it clear what you're shooting for. All you keep saying is what programs you've done.