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17 and Thinking of Winstrol

Ive been gyming very seriously for about a year and I know that isnt a long time… But ive been researching and learning for days an months… And I feel influenced to use winstrol as it only affects the liver and at my age it should heal fast plus with pct obviously.
But im not too sure about it
is a light dose is still bad at my age?
Any tips on what els I could do. Btw im sure my testosterone levels are low for my age.
Anything I could maybe try to help build

  1. you ARENT sure your testosterone levels are low. You have no fucking idea unless you’ve had bloodwork.

  2. I would not recommend any steroid cycle to a 17 year old kid, and I would not recommend any steroid cycle to someone with less than 5 years of weight training in their history. You don’t qualify in either regard.

Get back in the gym and the kitchen.


There’s no reason for you to even bother at this age. You’re still developing and likely have plenty of your own juice inside already. Besides, Winstrol is rarely used as a stand-alone compound. Trust us, we’re not trying to be hard on you. Take another few years, and when you decide the time is right (you’ll decide on this regardless of what anyone advises), use just testosterone. Right now is not the time though. Don’t screw up your natural test levels while your body is still trying to develop.

My hope is that you will listen to the advice the others have given you. At your age your body is already on a natural cycle 365 days a year. No need to ad any other compounds.
Eat,eat and eat some more and just train. Drink lots of milk. Spend your spare time chasing girls and being young because when it’s over, it’s over forever.

Totally unnecesary. Read pretty much any 10 articles especially a few by Dan John and Wendler -can make crazy gains at your age using the info on this site, no supplements legal or otherwise needed

You have no clue about what you are doing… “gyming” HAHA. Motherfucker go train!!! “gyming” sounds like something that trophy wives do before they have their morning latte. You have no business taking any gear.