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17 and Fat - Lost and Confused


Hello all,
I'm pretty new here to T-Nation. As a beginner seeking help, I figured this was the place to post. This is actually my first post looking for some sort of help. I've read through quite a few articles, read about the V-Diet twice, with my parents saying "No" to a diet where you "Don't eat." Of course, they haven't even read on it... anyway.

I'm 17 year old. I'll be 18 this January 2nd. I'm 6'1", 250lbs.
Yes, I am a large lad. But not as large in muscle as I am in fat!
The more I read on losing fat and gaining muscle the more confused I get.
Of course, the body is like a furnace - If you want to get it going, you have to put stuff in it.

My diet is horrible. I used to be able to eat a whole meal of fast food, then still want more. Now I eat maybe two meals a day, skipping breakfast. I sometimes eat lunch (at school) and I eat dinner (whatever my parents decide on making/getting) and at times I'll get fast food late at night. Yes, I do see that as a problem and recognize it as a huge downfall.
The problem with fixing it is that I don't decide on what my parents buy as far as grocery shopping goes and making sure they consistently get the same things I need.

I honestly think I could lose about 50 pounds of fat and still be well off. Before I start putting on some real muscle(again I'm a noob to most of this) I want to take off a good amount of fat. I'm not aiming to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I do want to build on muscle and take off fat. Really what I'm looking for here is some motivation to help me achieve this and some information that could really assist me in losing fat and gaining muscle with the predicament I'm in. I have some simple weights, BBs and DBs, and a squat rack(though I'm no where near that. It's actually my brother's).

I have some lovely photos you won't be able to take your eyes off of, this I know. The lighting is absolutely horrendous, but you might even save them for inspiration. Jokes aside, winced after reviewing them.


ok heres what you do. i used to be 5'9 230. i lost 35 pounds in 5 months. cut out all ur crap food.. u probably eat fast food, pizza, donoughts candy. cut it out of ur diet none. eat fruits and vegetables eat meat peanuts protein shakes. do some cardio 3 times a week an lift weights 3 times a week. its that easy eat clean lift cardio drop alot of weight. dont cheat urself tht donought isnt worth it


It all can be overwhelming at fisrt. Just try and keep it simple to start with. Pick a program that looks interesting to you, fits your schedule, and is as simple as possible. Once you choose a program STICK TO IT!!! While doing it, keep reading this sight and any good books by the contributors that you can get a hold of. You will find conflicting information but just absorb as much as you can. You can decide what you feel is good and what is not as important. After a while it will start to "click".

 To start, just keep it as simple as possible to get your body adjust to the change.  You will find that the body fat will come off fairly quickly at first, and then slow down. Donâ??t get frustrated, itâ??s just your body adjusting.  KEEP GOING!!!  As for diet, read a lot of Chris Shugartâ??s articlesâ?¦heâ??s particularly good for nutritional concerns.  You will need protein... and a LOT of it.  Between 1 and 1.5 grams per pound of body weight (depending on which study or trainer youâ??re listening too).  Cut out the OBVIOUSLY bad fat (McDâ??s, etcâ?¦).  Start eating breakfast, itâ??s a MUST!!!  Cut your meals down to 5-6 meals a day of smaller portions.

Best I can do for a start. I am sure many others will offer some good advice for you. Good luck!!!



Thanks for those who have already responded (:
If any other friendly souls out there would like to contribute, please do!

As for meals, the obvious three, Breakfast lunch and dinner, are needed.
I'm more confused on the smaller meals in between. What would be good things to eat, and how much?


Fruit is always good in between, some lowfat yogurt, granola bars, rice cakes, just something to take the edge off. Key thing is don't be starving when you sit down for your meals, then it is much more likely to over eat.


Ask your Mom to pick up packages of chicken breasts(if muscle gain is a target). Avoid High Carb stuff.


This makes a lot of sense. So simple, though. Haha.

A little spiel on my life as a young'n..

Since 4th grade, I started to get into the "Fat kid" range. If there was food that was mine, I ate it. Full or not, I ate it, and it's remained a bad habit of mine ever since.
By 5th grade, I weighed an amazing 190 pounds. I maintained this weight all the way up to and through 8th grade. In that time, I even grew maybe 8+ inches in height and slimmed down incredibly because of that. But once I stopped growing vertically, I started growing horizontally again. Sad story I thought I'd share.


But WAY too common. Try not to look back and just keep looking forward....and keep lifting.


Oh yeah. Chicken breast is great. At the Super market near my home you can buy a bag of like 8 or more chicken breasts for about four dollars. My brother does that all the time, he's 20.

A question on chicken breasts while I'm at it: is bbq sauce alright with it?
I can't imagine it being a horrible train wreck to a diet, but plain chicken breast is just bland and tasteless.


Man up and just eat it plain. Eat a salad with it so its not dry.

For the salad i'd just use lettuce tomatoes and a dash of olive oil and salt.


most condiments are loaded with carbs dude, something that you want to avoid at this point, have it with some veggies, or some chillies, it ain't that bad.

For breakfast have eggs, 3 whole eggs or if you prefer 5-6 whites only.

you should have 3 solid meals and 2 or 3 "snacks" between them, like a protein shake, some almonds, peanut butter.

if you really want it, you can make it man.



Yes! Stick with it! Try weening your carbs down throughout the day if you find yourself carb sensitive. If you are a beginner to nutrition...try starting with your bodyweight in grams of carbs per day and ween down from that. That will give you enough energy to start your weightloss but won't leave you feeling completely drained. Eating six meals per day will actually help you with your saiety (basically your brain letting your body know that its full) between meals.

The goal is to eat just enough for 2-3 hour incriments. This will help your fat burning process and metabolism. You have to retrain your body's "Set Point". Healthy weightloss is 2-3 lbs per week...at least thats what they say. Sit down and talk with your parents and let them know that diet and exercise are a serious life change for you. After leading the example they might join too! :slight_smile:


Yeah . . . . .not so much. Have a shake or something. 50g of carbs from a rice cake or granola is counter productive. As for overeating . . .just man up and don't fucking do it.

Also ditch the though of the V-Diet. You're 17 and completely untrained. Even if you did it, what do you eat when it's done? Learning about how to eat will serve you better in the long run anyway.

This is a good article that should help you get started.


And just start doing something. If it's wrong you can adjust it later. But start yesterday.


I grill mine a whole package at a time (just spices)..then I am set for a few days/week. If too bland try throwing some hot sauce on it, but not BBQ sauce. Then your just defeating the purpose.



YES....V-Diet is not for you!


Research Mauro DiPasquale's Anabolic Diet.


A good thing to start off with is identifying what types of carbs and fats are good for you.

To do that, simply google it, It's on this forum but easier to identify through google

You will be able to assess what has what easily from therein now.

Because you are concerned specifically with weight loss, please make a diet log.

It's extremely easy to be persistent with one, ever since I started making a training log (and a partial diet log) my motivation has been upped exponentionally.

You may think the contrary, but, simple things like that truly help.

So create a diet plan, and, what to eat, and, what not to eat, and, this will really help you lose weight, I garuntee.

Later on, I really recommend monitoring your protein intake in order to gain muscle :slightly_smiling:


You guys make me feel so welcome I already took off my flame-retarded suit. I'm gonna cry.


Rock it out man. Your're so young you've got plenty of time. Starting now will make an even better you in the near future....JUST DON'T GIVE UP


x2 :slight_smile:
x2x2 on the don't give up thing

Keep trying even if you fail now and then