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17 and Debating Anavar


Hi i just turned 17. I hit puberty early and my growth plates are closed, i had pubic hair when i was 8 and my bone age is 18-19. I know 17 is considered to early for a cycle but i am debating cycling Anavar. I would do this with a careful on cycle protocol and post cycle protocol but i would like others opinion on this. I'm done growing according to the endocrinologist. Is it possible to run a cycle of anavar safely so that hormones return to normal with no testosterone and estrogen imbalance after the post cycle?

My reasons for doing this are --> The possibility of vertical growth from anavar, lowering bodyfat even further (i'm atleast below 10%), to maximize my strength for my bodyweight/weight class (i'm a boxer).

Help and information is much appreciated, thank you


The seminiferous tubules of your testicles are not finished maturing. If you take steroids too early you could become infertile and have low testosterone


I have not heard that before and in no way mean to dismiss your comment, but the endocrinologist examined my balls and said they were fully developed.


I don't mean to be dismissive, but I questtion if you've really seen an endocrinologist. You're not done with puberty, and the testicles continue to develop until early to mid 20s. Does a 25 year old look older than a 16 year old? I'm just telling your this for your health, as well as the health of anyone reading. Do whatever you want.

You look way too skinny to be a boxer. If you want to be a boxer, eat everything you can. Just constantly eat even if you're not hungry. Meal replacement shakes are great. You can add olive oil to them. Honestly, you'll get a lot stronger if you do this. Stronger than you would get by taking a cycle of anavar and not eating enough.

It looks like you already take a PED. Do you take clenbuterol or something like that?


Also, I found this, and thought it was funny: boards.ign.com/fitness_and_nutrition_board/b6821/185600745/p1/

"SD is pretty harsh stuff though, I've heard stories about gyno cropping up 6 months after use.

And T NATION > Anabolic Minds for AAS information. I'm a member of both and have made my judgement. [face_tongue]

That's a recommendation made by brotards. Stacking is NEVER a good idea for a FIRST cycle. "


I dont take any fat burners, not even caffeine. That profile picture is actually from when i had C. Diff infection, i was pretty bloated in that.

My diet and eating is spot on if i can say so myself, i have about 2,500 calories a day. All grass fed meat, coconut oil, wild salmon (if possible), whole eggs, a concentrated greens and fruit powder, unenatured whey protein.
supplements - cod liver oil, animal pak, joint support, beta alanine, citrulline malate.

I agree a 25 year old looks older no doubt. And i dont agree with the skinny part, i'm middleweight. There are much skinnier people, im at the upper end of bmi for my height.


Do it only if you are a fucking retard.


Have you not watched many boxing matches? A lot of boxers are very lean, and some of them have very little visible muscle mass.

He doesn't look "way too skinny" to be a boxer, especially when considering most boxers (Heavyweights aside) cut weight to meet their weight division requirements.


If you need drugs to be competitive at age 17 then its very safe to say that you have absolutely NO future in the sport.


Bonez i agree with you. I dont need steroids at all to be competitive at my age, most of my considering this is for post puberty height gain. I'm here to have people weigh in on the cons of using steroids. I'm getting a sense for the repercussions of steroids and am here to learn if proper protocol can be used to avoid any negative feedback or natural down regulation.


The most knowledgeable people on this board tend to agree that the youngest someone should be when they FIRST use steroids is 21.

If you USE them now, you may NEED them indefinitely in the future...

I have a few friends who are boxers, one who was pro, and NONE of them used steroids during their boxing careers. They have all told me it is best to 'give weight away' than to be heavier.

I would look into using kettle bells and learn about nutrition good luck...


How tall are you? If you're like 5'2" and you expect to be 6' or even 5'4" I think you're barking up the wrong tree. I'm not an expert by any means but I don't think you'll gain an serious height. If it was as simple as short men taking anavar at 17 to get taller we'd have a world filled with average sized men, on trt that still have Napoleon complex.

I can tell you right now women don't mind short men, however, women aren't keen on short, sterile men with erectile dysfunction.


No one can give you a definitive answer as to whether or not you'll mess up your HPTA or not, however, it is safe to say that the longer you wait to use AAS, the lower the chance of damaging your HPTA.

As a 22 year old who first used at 21 years old, I would suggest you wait until you're older.


What on earth are you talking about with this 'post puberty height gain'??

Post the study you read that shows this can happen with the use of oxandralone.


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I don't know if creatine would be good for him, unless he uses it during a certain length of time where weight-cutting isn't a factor.

The lack of water, during weight-cutting, could mess him up (At the very least, make him feel weak due to resulting diarrhea, which happened to Shane Mosley before a fight).

I remember reading a lot of stories about amateur wrestlers dying due to the extreme weight-cuts and using creatine at the same time. I assumed the stories were legit, and not typical fabricated media BS, but I never really looked into it. It seemed to make sense, on account of the amount of water needed when using creatine.

And, this is a no-brainer, but if he's still in boxing by the time he's in his 20s, and decides to use roids, he'll have to do it in a way to pass roid tests. Also, this is a slight bit on the paranoid side, but he should probably take any pics of himself off this site which show his face.


I agree. You should also....

uh, nevermind.


Thanks for looking out Fedor.

To bushido, thank you too bro. The endo is a girl, pretty good looking so the ball fondling didnt bother me. She looked at the x-rays and said 18-19, the radiologist said 19. However the maturation of the HPTA is still a question so that in itself and the response of this thread puts me off the interest in anavar.

I do use con-cret, i'm not sure if i'm a non-responder but doesnt seem to do much for me.