17/18 Weeks In, Small Update

Week 17 or 18… I have sort of lost track. No negative sides to speak of. I finally feel normal… or optimal. I respond to working out again and am the strongest I have ever been at 39 years old. My sex drive and motivation are through the roof. I have nearly cut all alcohol out of my life… with a high testosterone level feeling great and growing makes me cringe at the thought of downing my usual nightly beers or wine like i did pre trt. I have had several people who have not seen me in the last year or so accuse me of taking something… That is a pretty good confidence boost. I went from 6ft3 220lbs and about 16 percent bodyfat pre-trt ( with a ton of cardio) to 240lbs and 11 percent with no cardio and a not so strict diet.

One new benefit i have noticed is that my skin is much healthier. I have always had dry skin and in the fall or winter suffered from season eczema. It would dry out from the cold weather and become a pain. My skin so fat has been perfect and somewhat oily… Also my hair now grows insanely fast. I need a haircut once a week or it starts to get too thick.


Get used to that. Most guys on TRT have “the look” and it’s been reported that women can smell high test guys, and thus are attracted to them.

Stuff like that makes me feel like I’m not taking enough because I don’t feel like I have any of that going on. Or maybe I just need to hit the gym, gag


The gym helps in all aspects of life except schedule.

Same. Head and face.

Congratulations. What dose are you on? And what are your labs? SHGB, FT, TT, E2? Just curious.

Pre trt tt 610, shbg 67, ft 9, e2 30

Trt. TT 1200, shbg 62, ft 35, e2 31

No hcg or AI ever


160mg broken into 2 80mg doses 3.5 days


fantastic numbers

This improved with me too.

Also, I used to have dry ass elbows … And I have extra skin there. No more dry.