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16yrs Old, 5'10", 187 Pounds


Im 16 187 lbs 5’10" and before i was 12 125lbs 5’4"

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Upper body cut the only guys your age that are that cut are wrestlers. Do you train squats deadlifts. Look pictures of the best bodybuilders now when they were your age.


5 10 187 with so little fat, even though you didn’t show them I’m going to guess you must do hevey squats and deadlift and have a have well-developed legs if not flat out big legs. At your age that’s amazing development. Keep it up


Just stay consistent. I looked like you floating around 175 at 16 training for two years. Not trying to say I’m better, just saying that it comes fairly fast at first and will die out. Also, injuries DO happen. Don’t let them derail you. Congrats though brother. Those are great gains and show a lot of dedication




Very impressive at your age. Hopefully it’s all natty. Juicing at your age would be a huge mistake