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16yr Old Strongman. Prep for Nationals



^^The Goal lol


3/12/19- Log Press
DB Shoulder Press-
45lbs/20kg x23, x17
55lbs/25kg x13

Log Clean & Jerk-
Empty Log x3x1
160lbs/72kg x3
190lbs/86kg x2
210lbs/95kg x6x1 (The first single is a Log PR in itself lol. Felt weird because a PR is usually where I get excited as fuck, but I just expected it of myself at that point, never felt that way…)

Log Jerk Recoveries-
210lbs/95kg x10sec
260lbs/117kg x3, 10sec Holds
290lbs/131kg x2x3,10sec Holds

Incline Bench- SS W/T-Bar Rows
Bar x20
135lbs/62kg x5 + T-Bar Rows- 2 plates x8
155lbs/70kg x5 + T-Bar Rows- 2 plates and a quarter x8
165lbs/74kg x5 + T-Bar Rows- 3 Plates x8
135lbs/62kg x11 + T-Bar Rows- 3 Plates and a quarter x6


New shit I’ve found that helps me and could possibly help others. I’ve completely got off smoking weed and drinking alc. Those were shit habits. It’s been a long time since I’ve touched either. BUT, since I’ve stopped weed, my sleep habits have been very inconsistent based on anxiety flairs I believe. I started taking melatonin to get regular in my sleep and it’s helped but I was still fairly inconsistent and it helps shit all with anxiety.
So what I’ve done now is micro dosages with edibles (5-10mg edibles around bedtime) Which now I actually have a sleep habit and even on nights where I don’t have any sort of edible(Because that shit is expensive) I sleep well and don’t have any problems with actually getting to sleep.
Also using this strictly as a sleep aid doesn’t give me any urges to any heavy doses and fucking melt myself, which makes me happy knowing I can have self control with things I use to not have any self control with.
(Let it be known that IF you decide to try this, go for an Indica strain! and also start small. Edibles definitely affect people in different ways. What works for one might not work for all)


I find magnesium supplements quite helpful for sleep consistency. About an hour before bed I take it.


Everyone: disregard EVERYTHING Brett is saying. Just have a few brownies.


3/15/19- Squats & Bench
HB Squats- (Beltless)
Bar x20
135lbs/62kg x8
225lbs/102kg x8
245lbs/111kg x8
265lbs/120kg x2x8
(120kg was a good weight for me today, energy was low and I wanted 285lbs/129kg for 8 but my body would not have agreed with that so I just busted out another set of 8 at 120kg)

Bench Press SS W/T-Bar Rows-
Bar x20
135lbs/62kg x8
155lbs/70kg x3
165lbs/74kg x4x6 SS W/DB Rows- 3 Plates x4x6
195lbs/88kg +Light Chains x3x3

Accessory Work

  • Giant Set- x3 Rounds
    1.DB Rows- 95lbs x8, 115lbs x2x8
    2.DB Bench- 55lbs x8, 65lbs x2x8
    3.Clapping Push-ups- x6,6,4

  • Conditioning- x10min (EMOM)
    Odd Minute: Log Viper Press- 130lbs/59kg x3
    Even Minute: DB Snatch- 65lbs/29kg x3 (Per Hand)


Decided I’d hang out with some pal’s and skate around a bit. One thing led to another and we decided it’d be fun to bomb some hills. Had to bail off of a steep hill and damn near did the splits. My right hip feels like it got hit by a train now. Gonna keep off of it until Monday, hopefully it’s cleared up by then.


Hip is not super sore anymore, I feel like a kid before Christmas waiting to open his presents. Finally get to pull some heavier numbers tomorrow. Basically matching a bunch of PR’s.
355lbs/161kg x5
375lbs/170kg x2x3
and finally 405lbs/182kg x2
I’m definitely feeling hungry for these sets.


My man! Can’t wait to you pull 500lbs


3/18/19- Deadlifts
Finally some fucking weight.
135lbs/62kg x5
255lbs/115kg x2
315lbs/142kg x1
335lbs/152kg x1
355lbs/161kg x5 (Matched PR, but felt I could’ve gone to 7 or 8)
375lbs/170kg x2x3 (I’d have to look but I’m pretty sure this is a PR for triples. Two sets at that)
405lbs/185kg x2 (Never felt easier, bit of fatigue from the earlier sets made it kinda slow, but felt easy nonetheless)

Beltless Hover Pause RDL’s- 3ct Pause at bottom
135lbs/62kg x6
185lbs/84kg x2x6
205lbs/93kg x6
225lbs/102kg x6

Accessory Work

  • Leg Curls SS W/Calf Raises- x5x15-20


Nice work man. Loving the progress.


Well I think it’s starting to happen in the strongman world, among the pro’s. 200kg is starting to become a little more common. Can’t wait to see what the log records will get pushed too in the next few years to come.


Have you seen Hixxy’s 220kg? crazy smooth.


It’s what prompted me to post that. As well as the Stoltman brothers hitting 210 and 200 logs as well.


So excited Log Worlds. Hoping Kearney can take the American Record. He made a joke out 200kg at the Arnold Australia.


3/21/19- Full Body
High Bar Beltless Squats- (Hip feeling kinda pissy today.
Bar x20
135lbs/62kg x8
225lbs/102kg x8
245lbs/111kg x8
255lbs/115kg x8
275lbs/124kg x8

Paused Front Squats- (Beltless)
185lbs/84kg x3
205lbs/93kg x3x5 (Aside from almost passing out on the first set, these felt great)

DB Bench SS W/DB Rows (Matched Rows W/Bench Weight & Reps)
45lbs/20kg x20
55lbs/25kg x8
70lbs/31kg x8
85lbs/38.5kg x8 (Big DB Bench PR Here! Felt like I had 4-5 more reps in the tank easy. Gonna have some fun with the 105lbs/47kg DB’s sometime in the near future)


Number goals are feeling a bit silly to me the more I think about them. Peaking constantly throughout the year isn’t gonna get me very far. I’m thinking after nationals I’m gonna run a bunch of hypertrophy cycles and occasionally dip into some heavier phases, but probably not gonna peak for a very very long time. Gonna really build my base high so when I do peak I can do some crazy shit. Also gonna hang up all my supportive gear except my Knee Sleeves and wrist wraps throughout these hypertrophy phases and also use things that make me feel weak. (SSB, Front Squats, Axle DL’s) Stuff like that. I’ll try to surpass my peaked strength levels with all of these factors in play and when I push it a little further than when I feel like enough is enough, I’ll reward myself with a little peak.


Just hit the fucking 500 pull first.


Oh yeah of course. I’m hitting my 505 pull and nationals, then switching over to my hypertrophy style training. I was talking mainly on my plans for a 605 pull, 500+ squat and 305 log by the end of 2019. Those are the numbers I was referring to as silly to chase seeing as my body probably wouldn’t be ready to hit those at the end of the year. Those will be my next big numbers once my body is ready.


Jesus. Turning ourselves into the next George Leeman, are we? Holy shit that’s a big deadlift.