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16yr Old Strongman. Prep for Nationals



2/25/19- Deadlifts
Finally getting out of my speed phase, load is still very light but we’ve added more exercises to build with.
Top Set- 315lbs/142kg x5 (Faster than I’ve ever pulled 3 plates)

Deficit Deadlifts- 225lbs x12 (No Belt)

Accessory Work

  • Barbell Rows- 135lbs/62kg x2x5
  • Leg Curls- x5x20 SS W/Single Leg Calf-Raises- x5x10
  • Double Overhand Barbell Holds- 315lbs/142kg x2x10sec + x1x15sec


2/26/19- Pressing Day
Giant Set- x4 Rounds
1.Pull-ups- BW x6
2.Strict Press- 85lbs/38.5kg x10
3.Battle Ropes- Wave Thingies x20sec
4.Ab Wheel- x10

Log Clean & Jerk-
Empty Log x10
160lbs/72.5kg x3
190lbs/86kg x6x3
190lbs/86kg x5 (Woohoo! Another PR)
(Really wanted 6-8 reps but back fatigue from yesterday and from pull-ups beforehand made for a not so stable catch after reps 4 and 5. On a fresh day I feel I could’ve slammed it easily)

Close-grip Bench- SS W/Machine Rows
Bar x20
135lbs/62kg x4x10 SS W/Machine Rows- x4x10
205lbs/93kg x3 (W/Slingshot)
225lbs/102kg x3 (W/Slingshot)

Accessory Work

  • DB French Press- x5x12 SS W/Barbell Rows- x5x12
  • Tricep Pushdowns- x5x20 SS W/Face-pulls- x5x20


Thinking about squat PR’s-
I enjoy squatting heavy, and it correlates well in plenty of things in strongman, but I want to chase more 20 rep PR’s. My end goal for this year is 315lbs/142kg x20 or more. I think I enjoy 20 rep squats more than 1rm squats for some weird reason. So I’m gonna be focusing on more leg hypertrophy and higher rep ranges on squat stuff. Road to 20 reps at 3 plates.


Somewhere I believe Dan John has a plan laid out for doing 315 for 20 reps. I think its in Mass Made Simple.


I’ll have to look into it.


2/28/19- Squats
Hatfield Squats-
Bar x20
135lbs/62kg x20
205lbs/93kg x10
225lbs/102kg x4x20 (Ouch)

Oly Style Squats- Beltless
Bar x5
135lbs/62kg x5
225lbs/102kg x5
245lbs/111kg x4x5
275lbs/124kg x5 (PR)
305lbs/138kg x1 (PR)
Legs felt like jelly but I was still able to produce some good speed on all these. It was hard as shit on my core since it was highbar and beltess. Speed felt amazing once I got up out of the hole, managed to make 305/138kg do a little hop off my back!

Accessory Work

  • Goblet Squats W/Cables looped around the back of my knees.
    55lbs/25kg x10 +50lbs/22kg Cable weight per leg
    70lbs/31kg x10 +50lbs/22kg Cable weight per leg
    120lbs/54kg x10 +50lbs/22kg Cable weight per leg
    70lbs/31kg x15 +50lbs/22kg Cable weight per leg

  • Giant Set x5 Rounds
    1.Bulgarian Split Squats- x10
    2.GHR’s- x10
    3.Calf Raises- x15-20

I have to say my abs are probably just as fried as my legs. DOMS will be fun tomorrow…


3/3/19- Pressing
Conditioning/Warm-ups- x4 Rounds
1.Jammer Arm Presses- x10 (Gonna try to use these to build some upper body explosiveness)
2.Battle Ropes- x30sec (15sec Wave Thingies, 15sec Slams)
3.Viper Presses- 130lbs/59kg x3
(Note: wtf I thought viper presses were just a brute strength exercise, never knew they relied so heavily on the technique which I figured out on the last round of this circuit)

Incline Bench SS W/DB Rows-
Bar x20
105lbs/47kg x4x12 SS W/DB Rows- 47kg x4x6

Dips- BW x4x12

Accessory Work

  • Seated DB Press- 45lbs/20kg x4x15 SS W/Face-pulls- x4x15
  • Tricep Pushdowns- x5x20 SS W/Hammer Curls- x5x20


Gah everything is so light right now, the only thing I get satisfaction from right now is log pressing and slight increases in deadlift speed. Really just feeding off of breadcrumbs right now lol. In weeks to come I hope to be feasting on heavy ass PR’s or heavy ass reps in general.

That wraps up the first week of prep, only missed one day of training, hopefully that is the only one I miss from now on. 13 Weeks from nationals.


Mass made simple looks like it would make me cry


That session was mental far out :joy::grimacing:


My legs are still currently sore as shit, hopefully they adapt and I have tree trunk legs in no time lol.


3/4/19- Deadlifts
Got a little pre-fatigue then slammed out 142kg again. Moved faster than last week so I’m feeling confident. 1 more light week then I get to move into the 4 plate zone again!

Deficit Deadlifts- 225lbs/102kg x12

Accessory Work

  • Dimmel Deadlifts-
    Bar x20
    135lbs/62kg x15
    185lbs/84kg x15

  • Banded Leg Curls- x5x15-20 SS W/Calf Raises- x5x15-20

Also I’ve done about 50 lunges (per leg) and 45 sissy squats in 30min towards bedtime now. Extra energy + motivation to have legs like californian red oaks = finding random BW programs to do after a leg day.


3/5/19- Pressing
Strict Press- SS W/Pull-ups- x4x5
Bar x20
85lbs/38.5kg x6
95lbs/43kg x4x10

Log Clean & Jerk- Set timer for 20min and went for as many doubles as I could.
Empty Log x3
160lbs/72kg x3
180lbs/81kg x2x2
200lbs/90kg x5x2
200lbs/90kg x3
(Leg Drive was piss poor today. Catch felt great but 2/5 sets I had to press out the second lift at lock out. Not my prettiest jerks but it is comp weight so I’m happy)

Close-grip Bench- SS W/Machine Rows- x4x10
Bar x20
135lbs/62kg x5
145lbs/66kg x4x10

Accessory Work

  • DB French Press- x5x12 SS W/Barbell Curls- x5x12
  • Tricep Pushdowns- x5x20 SS W/Rear Delt Flyes- x5x10

Conditioning x4 Rounds
1.MB Slams- x10
2.Battle Ropes- x30sec
3.Depth Vertical Jumps- x5


3/7/19- Accessory Pressing Session
Close-grip Bench- SS W/Chest Supported T-Bar Rows
Bar x20
135lbs/62kg x10
155lbs/70kg x5
165lbs/74kg x5
185lbs/84kg x3x3 SS W/Rows 3 Plates x3x6
195lbs/88kg x2x3 SS W/Rows 3 Plates and a quarter x2x6
225lbs/102kg x2x3 W/Slingshot

Weighted Dips SS W/Pull-ups
BW x37 (PR)
BW +25lbs/12kg x4x12 SS W/Pull-ups- BW x4x6
BW x22

Accessory Work

  • Incline DB Bench- 55lbs/25kg x2x8 SS W/Face-pulls- x2x25
  • Tricep Pushdowns- x5x20 SS W/DB Hammer Curls x5x8


You’re benching your log press thats crazy lol. Your log is awesone


I’d have to test it but my log may be higher than my bench haha. The raw strength in my arms and shoulders is pretty weak which is where my cheaty technique comes in to save the day lol.


Some progress pics from the beginning of the 2019 T-Ransformation. About 5-6lbs added since the beginning.


Delts and quads definitely looking thicker. Good stuff mate


3/11/19- Deadlifts
Last light training session of the week. Getting into the 4 plate range next deadlift session, and since it’s the last few weeks of Benedikt’s program, I’ll the workouts for it.

Deadlifts- Still working with 3 plates, moved fast as all hell. Little underfed today so I had to give myself a little bit longer rest times than normal.

Deficit Deadlifts-
225lbs/102kg x12
275lbs/124kg x5

Accessory Work

  • Barbell Rows-
    135lbs/62kg x5
    185lbs/84kg x5
    225lbs/102kg x5
    185lbs/84kg x11
    (Really wanted to beat my row PR of 84kg/185lbs x14-15 I think it was. Energy just wasn’t there today sadly)

  • Paused RDL’s-
    Bar x20
    135lbs/62kg x20
    185lbs/84kg x6
    205lbs/93kg x3x8

  • Hamstring Curls- x5x15 SS W/Single Leg Calf Presses- x5x15


You thick-necked bastard.