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16yr Old Strongman. Prep for Nationals



Twas my best set of 3 from today, felt light but lost balance kinda on the second rep.


1/31/19- Squats & Events
SSB Box Squats- (Deep Box Squats are HELL)
Bar x10
155lbs/70kg x5
205lbs/93kg x5
245lbs/111kg x10x5 (1min Rest)
Surprisingly didn’t die, underestimated my work capacity coming into this. Felt good, every rep had that explosive pop to it as well.

  • Sandbag/Sled Medley- x2 Rounds
    Sandbag Carry- 160lbs/72kg x50ft/15m
    Shuttle x100ft
    Sandbag Carry- 160lbs/72kg x50ft/15m
    Sled Drag- 460lbs/208kg worth of plates x50ft/15m
    Conditioning still isn’t bad. Athleticism feels really good, felt agile and fast. Shuttle felt awesome, although my ass is already sore from the sprinting.

  • Heavy Sled Pulls- 390lbs/176kg x3x50ft/15m SS W/Reverse Hypers x3x15

Overall Felt really good. Glad to see I’m not an uncoordinated fat bastard lol. Glute Pump is real and terrible.


You’re fucking killing training, dude. Good job.


Thanks bro. Trying to get a headstart on you once that little parasite dies and you start blowing up in strength lol.


That’s the plan man! Looking forward to that.


2/2/19- Deadlift Stuff
Deadlifts- More Speed reps, getting heavier.

Sprints- 80% x2x100ft/30m (Managed each in about 6sec)

(B Said no RDL’s today because sprints were enough)

  • Barbell Rows- 70kg x5x20
  • Banded Lying Leg Curls- x5x20 SS W/Calf Raises x5x20


Who’s your coach?


Benedikt Magnusson, he’s only coaching me for deadlifts.


Jesus Christ. What a monster


The program should end with a 505 pull which I’m very excited for.


When does the program end? That’s pretty awesome.


9 more weeks to go.


Dude…how much did you pay? If he can pack 100 pounds on your deadlift, that’s pretty awesome


Roughly $70-$80 dollars. Luckily I got to push my deadlift to about 440 before I got him as a coach for deadlifts. I wish he could slap 100lbs on my deadlift lol. This is a way different way than I’ve ever trained in my life for deadlifts so it might push me above a 505 (Hopefully)


damn you’re strong! how heavy are you?


It’s up and down recently but last I weighed in the morning I was sitting at 193lbs/87kg


That’s an insane number to hit at 15…God Almighty.


2/4/19- Bench Day
Incline Bench-
Bar x10
115lbs/53kg x5
125lbs/57kg x5
145lbs/66kg x5
165lbs/74kg x5
135lbs/62kg x10

Weighted Dips- SS W/Weighted Chin-ups-
BW x5/BW x5
30lbs/13kg x3/30lbs/13kg x3
50lbs/22kg x3/40lbs/18kg x3
75lbs/34kg x3/Topped out at 40lbs/18kg
35lbs/15kg x3x8/BW x3x8

Accessory Work

  • Feet Elevated Recline Rows W/Rings- x4x10
  • Incline Chain Chest Flyes- x2x40sec (Holy mother of Chest Pumps)
  • Juarez Valley 10 on Push-ups (Sweet Jesus I can’t feel my chest)


2/7/19- Tricep Day
Weighted Dips +Light Band- SS W/NG Pull-ups-
BW x5 on Dips
BW +25lbs/11kg & Light Band x5x5 SS W/NG Pull-ups- BW x5x5

Close-grip Bench- SS W/Chest Supported Rows
Bar x20
135lbs/62kg x5 + CS Rows x8
155lbs/70kg x5 + CS Rows x8
165lbs/74kg x5 + CS Rows x8
175lbs/79kg x5 + CS Rows x8
185lbs/84kg x5 + CS Rows x8
215lbs/97kg x2x5 W/Slingshot
135lbs/62kg x13

Accessory Work

  • DB French Press- x5x12 SS W/Barbell Curls- x5x12
  • Tricep Pushdowns- x5x20 SS W/Face-pulls- x5x20

Conditioning- x4 Rounds

  1. Rope Slams- x20
  2. Rope Wave Thingies- x15sec
  3. Rope Snake Thingies- x15sec
  4. Sandbag to Shoulder- 160lbs/72kg x4


https://youtu.be/wjk-DT3AFUw :rofl::rofl::rofl: