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16yr Old Strongman. Prep for Nationals



12/1/18- Event training
Circus Dumbbell-
90lbs/40kg x5x1
110lbs/49kg x1
120lbs/54kg x1
130lbs/58kg x1
140lbs/63kg xFailed lockout:/

Speed/Form Jerks-
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x2 (EMOM x10min)
175lbs/79kg x1
(Barely even needed to dip under the bar, explosiveness has increased well lately)

Front Squats off Pins-
135lbs/62kg x5
185lbs/84kg x3
225lbs/102kg x3
255lbs/115kg x3, 5 rep clusters (1 Rep, 20sec Break)

Atlas Stones-
190lbs/86kg x2x1 (Shouldered)
225lbs/102kg x1 (PR, Felt easy pretty easy aside from pick)
250lbs/113kg xFailed (Broke off floor but did couldn’t lap it)


Shoulder looks nasty mate, hope it doesn’t give you too much grief


You could probably hit this fresh tbh


Never experienced that either. Sleep a night and see how it feels. You’ll most likely know if something is broken or if it’s just a bruise tomorrow


12/3/18- Accessory Day

  • Wide-grip Lat Pull-downs- Heavier than normal x5x15 SS W/Cable Rows- x5x15

  • Cable Upright Rows- x5x15 SS W/DB Shrugs- x5x15

  • Hammer Curls- x5x15 SS W/Preacher Curls- x5x15

  • Paused Ab Wheels- x5x20 SS W/Stir The Pot- x5x6 (6 Clockwise and Counter Clockwise)
    Paused the Stir The Pots in the 2 Spots I felt the most unstable, my abs are fried.


12/3/18- Thought I’d log what I’ve been eating for today

  • Breakfast- 5 eggs, Some amount of grits, 2 mini oranges, and some cherry tomatoes.

  • Lunch- 8oz/226g of Ground beef, some vegetables, cheese sauce
    (Basically a philly cheesesteak sandwich without the bread)

  • Intra Workout- A cup or so of watermelon juice and some BCAA’s

  • Post Workout- 1/2 cup of oatmeal soaked in2 cups/473ml of Kefir, a scoop of protein powder overnight.

  • Dinner- A big ass bowl of chili

  • Snack- A nice bowl of Top Ramen… you know… for all it’s health benefits Lol.


12/4/18- Bench Day
Paused Bench SS W/Face-pulls- x10
Bar x20
135lbs/62kg x5
155lbs/70kg x5
175lbs/79kg x3
185lbs/84kg x5x3
190lbs/86kg x3x3
195lbs/88kg x2x2

Weighted Dips SS W/Chest Supported rows-
BW x10
35lbs/15kg x5x5 SS W/Rows- x5x8
BW x27

French Press- x5x12 SS W/Tricep Pushdowns- x5x20


I hate/love my constantly thinking mind. Death Bench but for Strict Press… I want to run it and I’m only in my second week of Death Bench… Keep 90% of the accessories the same. Maybe heavy Pin Presses instead of floor press. What do you guys think?


12/5/18- Squats & Deadlifts-
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x8
225lbs/102kg x3
275lbs/124kg x1
315lbs/142kg x1
325lbs/147kg x1
340lbs/154kg x3 (PR Hell Yeah)

Deficit Deadlifts- (Beltless)
135lbs/62kg x5
225lbs/102kg x5
245lbs/111kg x3x5 (Feeling Fast)

Assistance Circuit x5 Rounds

  • Leg Press- 4 Plates x20
  • RDL’s- 205lbs/93kg x15
  • Barbell Rows- 155lbs/70kg x20
  • Calf Raises- x20


Crazy strength!


Thanks man! I can honestly say I think this is the strongest I’ve felt ever.


Wanted to take a second and share what I’ve reflected on my life tonight. This is by far the happiest and strongest I’ve been in my life I think.
I think this is the first time in 3 years I haven’t felt any sort of depression/anxiety, anger issues I think are non existent, been sober for a 1.5yrs now (plan to keep it that way), stress is being managed very well.
I haven’t touched any of my depression/anxiety meds in a solid 3 months here now, and find no need for them, hopefully this is permanent farewell to these problems. My connection with my family and god is stronger than ever too. I also feel confident in taking the many punches life is gonna hit me with.
For a while I felt stuck in this belief that life wouldn’t get much better for me mentally and addiction wise, but I think I proved myself wrong. I think having a life goal is what did it for me, also having great support of Friends (@duketheslaya, @liftangryordie500, @j4gga2, & @strongmanvinny2), Family, & god.

Hope this can also prove to anyone that things will improve and life gets better.
This will conclude Brett’s late night life reflections, thank you for tuning in:)


Keep it up man

This is great! Well done and I’m glad you’re doing well


Glad you’re feeling good/better/great mate :+1:

It’s clear to see that you’ve got a great work ethic and are willing to put in the hard work for something you love.

We’re all excited to see how you progress in the future, so keep it up. If lifting memes help I can be your meme dealer x


Would recommend 100% lol


That’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever told me :heart_eyes::heart:


Good stuff man. Addiction is a powerful thing. Glad you beat it!


God damn it, I’m gonna stay ahead of you with Squats one of these days. We’re tied. :expressionless:


Memes are my addiction, never not send them to me


Thanks for the kind words. You yourself are kicking some serious ass. You remind me of myself at 16.

I had a fire at your age that, of course, dwindled away over time, but never fully went out and I don’t think it ever will as long as I’m alive. In times of struggles, I look back to a time I was unstoppable and I remember that person still is me, and is inside. Whether I do this deliberately, or I’m insane, I’ll hear a voice in my head telling me to get the fuck up and that the “old” me would never settle for this. I dunno if that’s an ego problem or I have undiagnosed split personality disorder, but it speaks to me and it’s the only thing, besides my family and friends, that keeps me moving forward when all is lost in the present.

It’s very easy at times to get disillusioned from this all, whether it’s life or your dreams. I think what’s important is to remember you’re never NOT you at any point in time. You’re always who you’ve always been, and you will always be. Sometimes that does include the bad, but that’s not such a bad thing when you look at the big picture, right? I hope that makes sense, it does to me…sometimes all it takes is to throw on an old song you haven’t heard in a while, have a sick workout and the rest just follows suit.

Keep doing you, Brett.