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16yr Old Strongman. Prep for Nationals



I’ll definitely have to look into that. Getting all my weighted dips, push-ups, pull-ups, curls and other little things out of the way in the morning could definitely give me some more time throughout the day to get my other work done and add some extra work to puny pushing muscles. Thanks my man.


Thanks man, hate studying but I kinda have too if I want to be an aeronautical or astronautical engineer… or I won’t have to do either and live off the mad revenue from FitTea lol.


Can confirm:

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No problem, just helping a brother out.


10/8/18- Morning Session 5:30am (It sucks ass but I do feel more awake)
Taking some advice from @liftangryordie500. I have no clue if I’m doing this right but I did something.

  • Weighted Dips- 35lbs/16kg x4x5 SS W/Pull-ups- x4x5
    +Max Rep Set with my BW got 22 reps

  • Lateral Raises SS W/Fat Grip Curls- x5x10

  • Giant Set
    1.NG Deep Push-ups- W/3ct. Pause at bottom x3xMax Reps (31,25,25)
    2.Band Face-pulls- x3x20
    3.Bodyweight Tricep-Extensions on a medium - low bar- x3x20

Hopefully this will add some mass to my very lacking upper body push muscles. It’s weird how my legs grow from medium-low reps at heavy-ish loads, but my upper body requires so much high rep work to grow. Now I just gotta get ready for some squats n’ stuff later today.


Good stuff. How long did the session take you? I find that I’m fresher for both my assistance and my main lift when programming in this manner. You just gotta make sure you don’t accidentally do a push-up test on Bench Day. Also, I feel you on having a poverty upper body. I can bench 210 once on a good day, but can squat 245 13 times. Fuck.


10/8/18- Squats & Bench
SSB Squats-
Bar x10
155lbs/70kg x5
225lbs/102kg x8x3 (My squat speed is making me feel great, I can feel the constant acceleration if that makes any sense)

Front Squats-
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x10
185lbs/84kg x8
205lbs/93kg x3x8
(First time front squatting in a lil’ while, aside from the feeling of wanting to pass out and my front rack mobility still being not up to par, these moved really fast and really easily.

Incline Bench- SS W/Chest Supported T-Bar Rows x3x8
Bar x10
115lbs/52kg x5
135lbs/62kg x5
145lbs/65kg x3x8,10,8
(I want to push my Incline bench some more, it’s a lot of fun and my non-existent upper chest could use it, considering all the upperbody work I did this morning these moved fairly easy.)

Assistance Work

  • Giant Set x3 Rounds
    1.GHR W/Hold at the bottom- x3x6
    2.AWRO’s W/Hold at the bottom- x3x6
    3.3-Way Seated Calf Raises- x3x10 reps Each: Toes facing Straight, Inwards, Outwards.

  • Conditioning- AMRAP x10min (Got 4 Rounds)
    1.Yoke Zercher Carry- 230lbs/104kg x100ft/30m 50ft/15m Down, 50ft/15m Back
    2.Sandbag Over Shoulder- 160lbs/72kg x2
    3.Sledgehammer Slams- x10
    (My poor fucking Upper Back & Calves… cut that, EVERYTHING is gonna be so sore tomorrow)


Hey man how do you like to program SSB squats? I have no clue. Wanting to push it on these because its about the same as my front squat atm


Consistent Squat Programming has never been a strong point for me. It’s always just been dumb luck that my squat keeps increasing. Right now I’m running the Cube method for Squat & Bench and I’ve heard a lot of success stories with the Cube Method. So I’d suggest using that. Look up the black iron beast cube calculator and that should give you all you need. It gives you 3 different squats to do in the same day.
I replace the Main Squat with SSB and do front squats instead of High Bar Oly Squats, and keep the pause squats as regular barbell pause squats. Also I switch the numbers for the exercises. Because I’d rather rep lighter front squats and do heavier pause squats.
Also I squat Twice a week so I just put my Pause Squats on a separate day, so I can go a little harder on them. And if you do that I’d suggest making sure that if you do explosive SSB Squats and Front Squats, then on whatever day your second squat session is you do Heavy Pauses and vice versa.
On the week you do reps for squats just do the rep day on both days.
Sorry if that was kind of a mess to read, if you need me too I’ll send you the format on how I do it. Although it might not fit your training schedule so don’t be afraid to tweak the cube as you see fit.


Hard work trumps all i guess

I front squat on tuesday after deadlifts and then do assistance, so i guess on fridays i could do SSB and another variation. If its no problem I’ll take your offer on having a look at the format. Im confused a bit haha


@duketheslaya Here is my Squat programming right now. I plan on sticking to this for a while, feel free to move around the different squats to different days to suit you. I’d just avoid doing two heavy sessions in the same week personally. Also on the dynamic days after the first one I’m gonna throw in some jumps to super set with the squats. More power!


ME is max effort right? I hate higher rep front squats (choking mid rep so it messes up reps etc) so I’ll probably switch ssb and front squats around. Also the heavier session earlier in the week because fridays i do events so want to be fresher for those. Then again dynamic work makes sense to be done earlier in the week because speed and power is higher when you’re fresh so i dont know


Yeah ME is Max Effort. High rep front squats suck pretty bad. If you’re gonna put Front Squats where SSB Squats would be then I’d suggest using your TM for your Front Squat 1RM.
If your goal is to get your Front Squat higher then I’d also suggest switching out Paused Back Squats or SSB Squats to Paused Front Squats.
My goal is to Squat and SSB Squat big, hence why I do them both within the same week. Dynamic work for me is about moving the weight as fast as my body can at the time and really nailing down form, so it can be anywhere in the week really. It’s yours to play around with and find what works best for you.


Alright I’ll switch it to paused front squats. My main goal right now is to get my front squat up to 140kg. I’ve done 100kg beltless last week, with around 10kg i think in the tank for a true 1rm. I’m going to start including belted work and that should add a little bit of weight haha.


10/10/18- Morning Session Done

  • Weighted Dips- 55lbs/25kg x5x3 SS W/Weighted Pull-ups- 10lbs/4.5kg x5x3
    +Max Reps BW Dips- x24

  • Hammer Curls SS W/Shrugs- x5x1-

  • Deep NG Incline Push-ups- x100 (26,20,16,16,10,12)
    +20 face-pulls everytime I have to stop


10/10/18- Deadlifts & Bench
135lbs/62kg x5
225lbs/102kg x5
315lbs/140kg x3
335lbs/151kg x1
355lbs/161kg x1
(Belt on, Straps on)
375lbs/170kg x1
395lbs/179kg x2 (PR and it felt smooth but rough all at the same time!)
335lbs/151kg x3 (Hahaha, after that 395 pull I expected this to feel light, definitely not today)
315lbs/140kg x5x3

Incline Closegrip Bench off 1-board- SS W/Band Face-pulls x20
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x8
145lbs/65kg x3x8

Accessory Work

  • Giant Set
    1.Iso-Rows W/3sec Hold- x3x8
    2.KB Goblet BSS’s- 55lbs/25kg x3x8 (Tempo: 3-2-0-1)
    3.3-Way Calf Raises on belt Squat- x3x30 (Tempo: 4-4-0-4)

  • Reverse Hypers x3x20 SS W/Pallof Presses- x3x10 (Each Side)


Just weighed myself for the first time in a while, 191lbs/86kg. I don’t think I’m doing too bad for 190+ lol


The emoji though… :joy::joy::joy:


Couldn’t miss the opportunity😂


Jesus, you put on some quality weight. Looking good. What are you eating? I’m 177.