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16yr Old Strongman Offseason



I also hear that voice, I don’t think I have the years under my belt to tell myself that my old self wouldn’t accept it. I have a voice that is future me yelling at myself to push harder, and I’ll do my best to explain it without sounding like a narcissistic prick, but I have rehearsed in my mind enough that I will be the Worlds Strongest Man that it’s like my future self is yelling at me to push and do what it takes to become the best. Who knows maybe we are insane, but I see that exact insanity in the champions of any sport.


Insanity is not normal. Normal people are not insane. Normal people also normally don’t fight for what they want. Therefore, failure is normal. Insanity, then, must be the Opposite of Failure! Or at least a step sideways. And if you change your perspective, a step sideways is a step forward. I’m just beginning to learn what it means to push until you break (both mentally and physically). Yesterday, the joints in my back were sore as a result of my stupidity — so much so that running with my school bag on to catch the bus home caused pain (12 hours later). I’m fine today, but I wouldn’t change what I did regardless (because I realized yesterday that I can move and support 610 pounds for a fair deal of time). You don’t get anywhere by focusing on safety. Hell, I have more than a few things gunning for my life — I might as well live it.


12/9/18- Finally getting back onto the Boxing train.
Seeing as I can’t afford to go to my old boxing gym as of right now, I’m setting up stuff at home and using what I have to really crack down on technique. My biggest worry is not having someone to help me with pad work and no sparring partners.
Gonna hammer down my form and technique, I’m shooting to regain skill in the Peek-a-Boo fighting style (Mike Tyson’s fighting style) Technique will be of my greatest concern and high on my priority list, plus technique work doesn’t take a whole lot from my CNS.
Weight wise I feel fantastic, not planning on cutting weight anytime soon, only getting more conditioned.
I’m confident I’ll be able to balance my strongman and boxing out fairly well.

Workout today-
Jump Rope x5x3min (1min of shadow boxing between each round)

Ladder Drills- Just ran through some foot chopping drills and, they felt kinda messy but speed felt good.

Head-movement drills with a slip bag- (Tennis ball on a string)
Basically alternated duck, slip left, slip right and threw in some pivot moves around the slip bag

Ended it by shadow boxing for around 10min

Once I can get up to my boxing gym I’ll be able to do the fun stuff like pads and sparring with legitimate coaches. Right now I’m doing my best to ingrain the Peek-a-Boo style slipping and countering into my head.


12/9/18- Events
Log Clean & Press
110lbs/50kg x3
130lbs/59kg x3
160lbs/72kg x1
180lbs/81kg x1
200lbs/91kg x1 (PR baby!)

Yoke Walk-
Empty Yoke x50ft/15m
430lbs/195kg x50ft/15m
500lbs/227kg x50ft/15m (PR!)
550lbs/250kg x50ft/15m (PR!!)
600lbs/272kg x50ft/15m (WTF PR!!!)

Had to make a drop and turn on all the Walks because it was inside and was too small to make 50ft/15m straight, I’m convinced that if I didn’t have to drop and turn with the 600 yoke it would have been a 13sec run.


Jesus! Epic man


Thanks brother! my body hates me a lil’ bit right now hehe.


I hope you dont get yoke fever :open_mouth:


Jesus Christ, a 600 yoke? That is ridiculous.


Don’t think I’ve killed myself that badly tonight thankfully lol.


Sleep is gonna be no problem tonight lol.


Secretly hoping you get yoke fever (Not seriously though) for 6 months so i can surpass you :joy:


After testing my maxes on the main few events I’ve set my short term goals for my events.

  • Current PR Farmers: 260lbs/117kg x50ft/15m in around 11-12sec
    Goal Farmers: 300lbs/136kg x50ft/15m in around 11-13sec

  • Current PR Yoke: 600lbs/272kg x50ft/15m in around 21sec (Due to stupid drop and turn)
    Goal Yoke: 660lbs/300kg x50ft/15m in around 11-13sec

  • Current Stone PR: 230lbs/104kg x1, 190lbs/86kg x1 (Shouldered)
    Goal Stone PR: 250lbs/113kg x1, 190lbs/86kg x5 (Shouldered)

  • Current Log Clean & Press PR: 200lbs/91kg x1
    Goal Log Clean & Press: 230lbs/105kg x1

  • Current Circus Dumbbell PR: 130lbs/59kg x1
    Goal Circus Dumbbell: 150lbs/68kg x1


My precious yoke would never betray me like that ahaha


Yoke can go eat my ass!


Making me feel weak dude! You’re a freaking machine


This is why your yoke is mean to you, you gotta get intimate with it, snuggle up to it, maybe take it to a nice dinner, Walks in the park with it, show it your nice side! Not too nice though, gotta make sure it knows you are large and in charge hehehe


Thanks man! As are you, good job on your competition, looked good brother!


Thanks, felt like a broken one today. Sore everywhere and bruises/knicks everywhere haha




You must be popular with the strongladies