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16yr Old Strongman Offseason



460lbs/208kg on yoke about a year or so ago, and I’ve hit a triple on a 190lbs/86kg stone around the same time period as the yoke PR. Gonna give some testing a go sometime soon here. I’ve also toyed around with a 600lbs/272kg yoke hold for about 8 seconds give or take.


Oohhh. Pretty much exactly the same as me. You’d be alot stronger now though

Now that’s god damn heavy


11/24/18- Event Training
After not training events consistently in what felt like forever, I’d say today went a lot better than expected. Only got to hit two events sadly due to time constraints.

Log Clean & Press-
Empty Log xA bunch of triples
130lbs/59kg x1
150lbs/68kg x1
170lbs/77kg x1
190lbs/86kg x1 (Easy-ness PR)
210lbs/95kg xMiss
(Managed to drive it up and balance on head, but couldn’t get it all the way there:/)

Farmers Walks- Weights are per hand
110lbs/49kg x50ft/15m
180lbs/81kg x50ft/15m
250lbs/113kg x50ft/15m (PR)
260lbs/117kg x50ft/15m (PR, Ran it in about 13sec)

Need to work on the pick, grip felt solid and I moved pretty quick once I broke it, no drops surprisingly. 300lbs/136kg farmer coming somewhat soon??? I think I had more in the tank on farmers but I was plenty happy with 260 per hand:)






Thanks man, I was not expecting any of those numbers today!


what have you been doing to lead to these pr’s? Looks like you’ve been doing alot of hypertrophy work


No clue really, my reps have been high recently, I’ve been focusing hard on the big 3 and they’re variations, Incline Bench has helped tons in my pressing strength. Also a lot of back work has been put into play as of recent with my training.


I’m going to start doing incline work after i reach a 2 plate bench. Seems to be a great exercise. Just have to be careful of my shoulders

The back can handle a beating I’ve found. Best to hit it with high frequency and volume


Lil’ physique update, weight has been stuck at 190 for a few weeks now. Gonna start pushing more food down in hopes of getting heavier.


You wanna get big, you gotta eat!


11/27/18- Accessory Day

  • Wide-grip Lat Pulldowns- x5x20 SS W/Low Cable Rows- x5x20
  • Cable High-pulls- x5x15 SS W/DB Shrugs- x5x15
  • Hammer Curls- x5x20 SS W/Preacher Curls- x5x15
  • Paused AWRO’s- x5x20 SS W/Stir The Pot- x5x5 (Slowed down the circles this time, good god)


11/28/18- Deadlifts & Squats
135lbs/62kg x10
225lbs/102kg x5
275lbs/124kg x1
315lbs/142kg x1
335lbs/152kg x1
365lbs/165kg x1
380lbs/172g x3 (Was supposed to hit 4 today :/)

Paused SSB Squats-
Bar x10
155lbs/70kg x5
185lbs/84kg x5
215lbs/97kg x3x5

Accessory Circuit- x5 Rounds

  • Belt Squats- 3x 25lbs/11kg plates + 1x 45lbs/20kg plate each side x15
  • Barbell Rows- 155lbs/70kg x15
  • RDL’s- 185lbs/84kg x15
  • Calf Raises- x15

(Shitty session today, body has been getting fucked over by some nagging illness as of recent. Randomly run fevers, constant headaches, coughing all the time, all around suck. The coughing has been screwing my sleep schedule too. Nonetheless I tried to go hard in the gym today.)

Lot’s went wrong with those deadlifts today, couldn’t get my positioning right or get my lats tight. Dumb me still went for it though, somewhat decent, not happy about not reaching my rep goal, but win some lose some I guess. Reps also weren’t happening on the circuit today, went for minimal 15’s today…


11/29/18- Bench Day
(Sweet mother of god, my poor triceps)

Paused Bench-
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x5
155lbs/70kg x3
165lbs/74kg x2
175lbs/79kg x2
185lbs/84kg x8x3
190lbs/89kg x2x2

Floor Press- SS W/T-Bar Rows x5x8
135lbs/62kg x5
155lbs/70kg x1
165lbs/74kg x5x5

Accessory Work

  • Giant Set- x5 Rounds
    1.Face-pulls x15
    2.French Press- x12
    3.Rope Pushdowns- x20
    4.Ab Wheel- x15


8 sets of 3 or 8 reps 3 sets?


8 sets of 3 reps.


Hey so I had a nice 140lb Circus dumbbell crash on my shoulder today. There’s a pretty big lump where it hit, doesn’t feel like liquid, more tissue than anything… should I be worried? Dots around it to track swelling, little to no pain from it.
@danteism @T3hPwnisher @TX_iron


I am no doctor man. Couldn’t tell you.


Ever experienced something similar?