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16yr Old Strongman Offseason



Give it a try, but I have no idea if that will actually work :joy:. Best of luck


11/12/18- Bro Sesh

  • Wide Grip Lat Pull-downs- x5x15-20 SS W/Low Cable Rows- x5x15-20

  • Cable High-pulls- x5x15-20 SS W/DB Shrugs x5x15-20

  • Hammer Curls- x5x15-20 SS W/Preacher Curls- x5x12-15

  • BW Dips- x5x15-20 SS W/French Press- x5x20

  • Paused AWRO’s- x5x15 SS W/Hanging Leg Raises x5x20 (OOF MY ABS HATE ME)


11/14/18- Lower Body
135lbs/62kg x10
225lbs/102kg x10
275lbs/124kg x1
315lbs/142kg x1
335lbs/152kg x1
355lbs/161kg x6 PR (No straps, deadstop)
(Last time I tried to rep out 355/161kg I used straps & touch n’ go for 5 reps)

SSB Paused Squats- (Beltless)
Bar x10
155lbs/70kg x5
205lbs/93kg x5
205lbs/93kg +Heavy Chains x3x5

Assistance Circuit- x5 Round

  • Leg Press- 345lbs/156kg + Sled Weight x20,20,20,15,15
  • Barbell Rows- 145lbs/65kg x15
  • RDL’s- 195lbs/88kg x12
  • Calf Presses- x20


11/17/18- Press Day
Incline DB Bench-
35lbs/15kg x20
55lbs/25kg x10
80lbs/36kg x6,7 (DB Bench is feeling good!)

Paused Bench Press-
Bar x20
135lbs/62kg x5
155lbs/70kg x2
165lbs/74kg x2
185lbs/84kg x5x2
195lbs/88kg x2x2 (Close-grip)

Strict Press-
Bar x10
95lbs/43kg x5
105lbs/47kg x5
115lbs/52kg x5
95lbs/43kg x13 (PR)

Accessory Work

  • Cable Pushdowns- 120lbs/54kg x60 (Total)

  • Hammer Curls- 40lbs/18kg x60 (Total)

  • Front & Lateral Raises x3x15


11/19/18- Accessory Day

  • Pulldowns SS W/Cable Rows- x5x15-20

  • Cable High-pulls SS W/DB Shrugs- x5x15-20

  • Hammer Curls SS W/Straight Bar Curls- x5x15-20
    (Wrist mobility finally making a comeback since I broke it! Straight bar didn’t hurt!)

  • French Press SS W/BW Dips- x5x15-20

  • AWRO’s x5x15 (3ct. Pause) SS W/Stir The Pot- x5x5
    Stir the pot is a humbling core workout holy hell, never had to stabilize that hard in a core exercise, definitely gonna push these hard!

  • Log Cleans- x3 (EMOM x10min)
    Started out with empty log, then by the fifth minute started adding 10lbs/4.5kg to the cleans, ended up at 160lbs/72kg x3 fairly easy and without a belt.

Since I’m caught up in school I’m gonna add an event day into my training, keep it light and focus on form/speed with my events! I’ve been feeling so empty without my implements lately sheesh!


Stop being stronger than me!


I have to! You’re catching up fast Duke


11/21/18- Squats & Deadlifts
Back Squat-
135lbs/62kg x10
225lbs/102kg x2x1
245lbs/111kg x1
275lbs/124kg x1
305lbs/138kg x1
325lbs/147kg x4 (Another PR for the books baby!)

Deficit Deadlifts- (No Belt)
135lbs/62kg x5
225lbs/102kg x5
245lbs/111kg x3x5

Assistance Circuit- x5 Rounds

  • Hatfield Squats- 155lbs/70kg x20 (No Leg Press at buddies garage gym)
  • Barbell Rows- 145lbs/65kg x20
  • RDL’s- 195lbs/88kg x15
  • Calf Raises- x20

(Body wasn’t agreeing with heavier circuit today so decided to pack on some more reps at last weeks weight)


Felt like I had a 5th but it would’ve been ugly, decided to play it safe and hit 4!


Strong! You son of a bitch. :joy:




spontaneously throws up


Wait a minute, you did 155 x 100 reps of squats and 195 x 75 reps of RDL? Good luck walking tomorrow @strongmanbrett. :weary:


Hehe yeah there’s basically a 5-10min collapse zone after my fifth round of the circuit… It’s gotten better throughout the weeks.


Surprisingly, not that much DOMS, it’s helping get these legs JYOOCIER than ever.


You’ve turned into Brad Castleberry.


Pants down shirt off?? I think yes


Really not feeling confident in the once a week bench, Liked my frequency, think I’m gonna run Deathbench, it looks like A LOT of volume, but I’ve never been against that!


11/23/18- Bench Accessory Day
Paused Bench- SS W/T-Bar Rows- x8x8
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x5
155lbs/70kg x5
175lbs/79kg x5x5
155lbs/70kg x3x8 (Close Grip)

Incline Bench- 115lbs/52kg x5x8 SS W/Reverse Grip Pulldowns- x5x10

  • DB Bench Press- x5x15 SS W/Face-pulls x5x10
  • Incline DB Bench Press- x5x10 SS W/Face-pulls x5x10
  • French Press- x5x12
  • Tricep Pushdowns- x5x20
  • Barbell Curls- x5x10


@strongmanbrett whats your max yoke/atlas stone so i can compare myself haha.