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16yr Old Strongman Offseason



Normie :joy::joy::joy:

I’m assuming you’ve listened to beethoven 5? If not, do so.

How’d you like the suggestions?


I’m 100% a Normie when it comes to classical, but you gotta admit Fur Elise is amazing. And I did listen to Beethoven Symphony 5 but it’s a fairly long symphony and some dude insisted on talking to me after all my damn sets so it kinda ruined the symphony’s vibe :confused:
Also listened to Brahmer’s #9 out of the gym and liked it a lot!


Im guessing you meant Mahler 9? It’s epic.

Give Beethoven 5 another go if you can. It’s absolutely worth it

EDIT: You can try Shostakovich 11 too but it’s pretty out there


Dude…if you’re paused squatting the day before heavy pulls, you might be reducing your potential to deadlift heavy the day after, haha.


Probably, but I gotta get the weeks work in, and that was fairly light so I feel pretty good today.


Good. When are you deadlifting? I’m excited to see this on video.


10/20/18- Deadlifts
Yeah I shit the bed on Deadlifts today.

135lbs/62kg x10
225lbs/102kg x5
315lbs/142kg x5
355lbs/161kg x1
375lbs/170kg x1
395lbs/179kg x1
415lbs/188kg x1
(So my form went out of the window on this lift, back made a nice parabola, the lift moved fast and I didn’t feel any discomfort but I decided I wouldn’t go for the second rep, even though I felt I had it there)

Incline Spoto-press- SS W/Machine Rows
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x6
145lbs/66kg x3x6

Assistance Work

  • SSB GM’s- x3x8 SS W/Goblet Bulgarian Split Squats- x3x8

  • Giant Set x3 Rounds
    1.AWRO’s x10
    2.NG Pull-ups- x5
    3.Blast Strap Push-ups- x10

So I definitely have theories on why my form shit itself. The main one is I wasn’t strong enough/ready for that. Any other time that I ran that deadlift program I had done plenty of solid rep work for a few cycles beforehand. So I’m gonna hold off on that program and keep plugging away at rep work for deadlift (Even though anything above 5 reps on deadlift is disgusting) I think it’ll help me. The weights for the program were only gonna get heavier and I don’t think I’ll risk the injury.


I think if you would have rested yesterday you would’ve had an easy 2nd rep there.


I had the second rep there it moved quickly, my form was just utter shit.
It probably didn’t help to pause squat the day before though either lol.


You win some you lose some, either way good job man


Hey, 415 is still more than I can pull. Good job. Is this on IG?


No video sadly:/


10/23/18- Squats
Another week for testing so time is minimal in the gym right now. I should be good tomorrow to have a deadlift session that will last as long as I want. But the squat day yesterday was kinda short.

SSB Squats-
Bar x10
155lbs/70kg x10 + 10 Ab Wheels
205lbs/93kg x5 + 10 Ab Wheels
245lbs/111kg x5 + 10 Ab Wheels
275lbs/124kg x2 (EMOM x5min)

Incline Bench- SS W/Barbell Rows- 165lbs/75kg x5
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x8x3 Back to Back with Rows.

Got my big movements done in the gym, hell of a cardio session really, especially with those squats! EMOM for squats suckssssss.


10/24/18- Deadlifts
135lbs/62kg x10
225lbs/102kg x8
275lbs/124kg x8
295lbs/133kg x5
315lbs/142kg x3x8 (Straps and Touch N’ Go)
315lbs/142kg +Heavy Chains x2x5 (No Straps, Deadstop every rep)

Deficit Deadlifts- 275lbs/124kg x2x8

Incline CGBP- SS W/Machine Rows- x3x8
Bar x10
115lbs/53kg +Chains x3
135lbs/62kg +Chains x3x6

Accessory Work

  • Giant Set #1
    1.SSB Pin GM’s- x4x6 (Had the pins set at height where it mimicked a deadlift start pos.)
    2.Goblet Bulgarian Split Squats- x4x6 (Front foot on a 4"/10cm box, extended ROM burns)
    3.Band Face-pulls- x4x12

  • Hit some Curls because bigger biceps increase your squat… right??

Also tomorrow I won’t be able to claim the age of 15 anymore.


Happy birthday.


Curls are good for shoulder health, which may increase your squat. Can’t squat if you can’t get your hands behind the bar!


Happy birthday you Strong ass motherfucker


10/26/18- Had basically 0 time to squat and press but I got something done.
3ct Paused Squats-
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x5
225lbs/102kg x10
275lbs/124kg x3
305lbs/138kg x3 (PR)
That set felt easy as fook, so hopefully a new pause squat PR is on it’s way sometime soon.

Strict Log Press-
Empty Log x10
95lbs/43kg x3
115lbs/53kg x5
125lbs/56kg x5
140lbs/63kg x5 PR!
115lbs/53kg x9
(Mad at my iphone because it did the stupid below 20% charge notification and fucked up the recording of the 140lbs/63kg x5 set.)

I think the incline benching is really pushing my strict press and strict log up. This is the first time in forever I’ve been consistently adding to my strict pressing power.


Happy birthday mate


10/29/18- Squats & Bench
Name of the game for this 3 week block is Hypertrophy, switched back over to flat bench and definitely reaped the results of working on the incline! Gonna try this whole Pre-Fatigue thing and see if I notice any extra muscle gains.

Pre-Fatigue Sets for Squats
Hatfield Squats-
155lbs/70kg x10
175lbs/79kg x10
195lbs/88kg x3x15 (Gonna go heavier next squat day)
Worked constant tension on the legs and had roughly a 2-3 second eccentric on each rep.

SSB Squats- Explosive
225lbs/102kg x2
245lbs/115kg x6x2
Been practicing the Compensatory Acceleration Training thinga-ma-jiggy and it has helped a lot in my overall explosiveness and power. Also fries my quads like heavy squats would only they aren’t heavy.

Pre-fatigue Sets for Bench
Incline DB Bench-
35lbs/15kg x10
55lbs/25kg x3xAmrap (Reps in Reserve: 3) x9,8,8

Paused Bench- SS W/Barbell Rows- 165lbs x3x8
Bar x15
135lbs/62kg x5
155lbs/70kg x5
170lbs/77kg x3x8 (Pretty sure this is a PR, all reps felt easy except the last rep of the last set)

Accessory Work

  • Giant Set x3 Rounds
    1.Paused GHR’s- x3x8
    2.Paused AWRO’s- x3x8
    3.3-Way Calf Raises- x3x30