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16yr Old Strongman Offseason



Really I’ve stuck to the basic of eating minimal to no carbs leading up to my workouts, having some diluted juice while I workout and then after my workout it’s a carb fest of whatever I feel like usually up until about 30minutes before I go to bed, I’ve eaten anywhere from 2 packs of Ramen or an entire Totino’s mini pizza as snacks to sweet potatoes and rice as snacks. And on off days not eating any carbs.

A usual day of eating for me on a workout day would look something like this for me:

  • Breakfast: 4 eggs, anywhere from a quarter to half pound of venison sausage and plenty of vegetables (Sometimes fruit)

  • Lunch: A half pound or so of lean ground beef with vegetables. Beef is in anyway I want, sometimes I’ll make meatballs, sometimes I’ll make stew, and sometimes I’m too lazy to do any of that and just cook the beef and throw it in container with vegetables

  • Dinner: Whatever mom makes. Usually pretty hearty or healthy. With lean meats and basic carbs like potatoes or rice.

  • Snacks: What your average college student would eat basically. Ramen, Pizza Rolls, Personal Pizza’s, I try to stay away from sweets though, usually no matter what they make me fatter:(

But lately I’ve been sleeping better and I think that has been a huge contributor to my recent weight gain, also I’ve stopped looking at the scale very often and just looked to improve strength and muscle size. I don’t plan on looking at the scale again for a long time.


That’s a good approach. I don’t monitor when I eat my macros, but I just try to eat everything in sight that looks like it might have protein in it. I walk a few miles every day by default, so I stay in shape, haha. A typical breakfast for me will be a lot of granola (40 g. protein), lunch will be chicken/rice/vegetable, snack will be 3 seed bars + sunflower seeds (8 g. protein each, I eat 3/4 cup sunflower seeds a day), and dinner will be more chicken/rice noodles/vegetables. Because deriving from anything I just listed here may inflame my intestines and cause me a whole lot of pain/discomfort, I end up eating very clean foods. It’s been working for me, so I’m not complaining. I also try to jam as much fruit as possible down my throat.


Guess I should count my blessings, the only thing that makes my stomach hurt is Tacobell… but my dumbass still eats it lol.


Taco Bell is for drunks/those looking for cheap, quick food.


You may find this interesting:
The first and only Taco Bell in Brisbane opened up around this time last year, in a South-Western suburb called Alderley. Still, there are people who plan entire afternoons to take the 20-30+ minute drive to Taco Bell for a meal, and some who day dream and pine to go for the first time.


They will be highly disappointed afterwards, haha. That, White Castle, and Burger King are the best colon cleansers I have ever come across (in my pre-celiac days, of course).


Try going to India, Indonesia or the Philippines :joy:.



Curry chicken is good.


@liftangryordie500 @j4gga2 All your talk of 20rep squats makes me want to go for a big set. Might go for a 215/97kg x20+ on Monday with the SSB. We’ll see how that goes… yikes.


Jesus. Good luck. I did the 190 x 21 after my 250 x 10 Set (both were done beltless, by the way), so maybe I had more in the tank. I’m not sure. Haha


Go get it animal


10/15/18- Gut Check baby.
This squat session was just what I needed to get me fired back up.

SSB Squats-
Bar x20
155lbs/70kg x5
225lbs/102kg x5
245lbs/111kg x10
225lbs/102kg x21 (JYOOOCY PR HERE BABY WOOO!)
(This made me feel fucking euphoric. My best set of 20 rep squats before this was 185lbs/84kg. So to up it by 40lbs/18kg and on my worst back squat variation was huge for me. Thanks @j4gga2 & @liftangryordie500 for planting that idea in my mind!

Front Squats-
Bar x1
135lbs/62kg x1
185lbs/84kg x1
215lbs/97kg x6
(Was supposed to go for 2 sets of 8-12 here so kinda disappointing, core was NOT having it)

Incline Bench- SS W/Paused Chest Supported T-Bar Rows x5x5
Bar x20
135lbs/62kg x5
155lbs/70kg x5x2

Accessory Work

  • Giant Set
    1.GHR’s- x2x8
    2.Paused AWRO’s- x2x8
    3.Weighted Calf Raises- x2x10, 1.5 reps

  • Conditioning x5 Rounds EMOM
    1.Yoke Zercher Carry- 250lbs/113kg x50ft
    2.Sandbag Over Shoulder- x2


What the fuck nice!


Thanks Brother, now I gotta get prepared mentally for another JYOOCY PR on Wednesday. Your axle presses weight wise and form wise are getting better and better, props to you!


Oops forgot to post about my morning session today- 10/15/18

  • Weighted Dips SS W/Pull-ups- x4x6
    BW x22
    +50lbs/22kg x4x6
    BW x12

  • Ez-bar Curls SS W/ Ez-bar French Presses- x5x10

  • NG Push-ups W/Pause at bottom- x3xMax Reps (30,18,10)


Ooh what lift? Or squats again

Thanks man!


Gonna hit 415/188kg for a double on Deadlifts this Wednesday. If I get my sleep and food I should be pretty well set for it!


Heck yeah. Lightweight




Walking will be a challenge tomorrow :joy:. Good job man.