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16yr Old Strongman Offseason



5/30/18- Re-booting
Well boys and girls, here it begins. 16 Weeks of focused, no bullshit, intense training has begun.
Finals are over, last day of school has come, I am going to put the fear of god into the weights this summer mark my words.
Took today to get my body used to the heavy lifting again and high volume will be new.

Agility Ladder- x10min
Light Plyometrics and med ball throws
Jump Rope x150skips
Double Unders x30 (got 12 unbroken then got 5 unbroken twice then I hit 8 unbroken)

Deadlifts- Today was to work up to a heavy double but leave some in the tank.
135lbs/62kg x8
225lbs/102kg x5
275lbs/124kg x5
315lbs/142kg x2
335lbs/152kg x2
345lbs/156kg x2
355lbs/161kg x2
(Stopped here because it moved fast and I could feel beautiful strain, can’t begin to explain how much I just want to let loose and shoot for PR’s some days, I had to mentally restrain myself from going any further today. Sigh, I’m saving all that anger and frustration for special occasions)

Split Jerks- Heavy single today
(I can manage to get my wrist into a half ass front rack but it isn’t good enough yet)
Jerk Form Drills- x5-10min
135lbs/62kg x1
155lbs/70kg x1
165lbs/75kg x1
175lbs/79kg x1
185lbs/84kg x1
195lbs/88kg x1
(Same feeling with deadlifts, wanted more today)

Hypertrophy/Assistance Work
Giant Set- 1
1A. Pull-ups- Assisted x3x8
1B. Standing DB Press- 45lbs/20kg x3x8
1C. Lateral Raises- x3x15
1D. Band Face-pulls- x3x15

Giant Set- 2
2A. Block Pendlay Rows- 135lbs/62kg x3x8
2B. DB RDL’s- 75lbs/34kg x3x8
2C. KB Goblet BSS’s- 75lbs/34kg x3x8
2D. Weighted Calf Raises- x3x15-30


Man, it’s awesome that you have this discipline already as a 16 year old. You still playin ball?


Thank you man, yeah still playing the fools ball, coaches decided they want me at inside linebacker next season instead of Nose Tackle.


6/1/18- it’s official summer break in Texas

Today in re-introducing Max Effort Work and combining it with some good amounts of Back-off volume. Also introducing More conditioning so I’m not as damn fat lol.

Giant Set 1
1A. Weighted Verticals- x5 (Before every attempt)
1B. SSB Pin-Squats- Protocol was ME x5
Bar x10.
155lbs/70kg x3
175lbs/79kg x3
205lbs/93kg x1
225lbs/102kg x5 + 10 AB Wheels
235lbs/106kg x5 + 10 AB Wheels
245lbs/111kg x5 + 10 AB Wheels
255lbs/115kg x5 + 10 AB Wheels

Giant Set 2: Back-off Volume
1A. Regular Verticals x3x5
1B. SSB Pin Squats- 205lbs/93kg x3x10
1C. AB Wheel Roll-outs- x3x10

Speed Bench- 135lbs/62kg + Light Bands- x3 Reps (EMOM x10min)

Hypertrophy/Assistance Work
1A. Barbell Rows- 155lbs/70kg x3x10
1B. Incline Bench- 115lbs/52kg x3x10
1C. Band Face-Pulls- x3x20
1D. Band Tricep Ext.- x3x20

2A. Paused RDL’s- 185lbs/84kg x3x10
2B. Prowler Sled Push- Heavy x3x60ft
2C. Calf Raises- x3x15-30

After This my body was pretty fried so I did some Sled Sprint and Drags EMOM x10min alternating drag or Sprint every round.


6/4/18- Official Start of Summer’ 18 Off-season
Football Workout- x2 Hours
Hour 1- Warm-up, Football Drills and Speed Development (Had to do a lot of punishment 100m runs because people weren’t doing as told)

After out Drills and SD we went to the weightroom for 40min
Hang Cleans- Giant Set
Bar x5 + Pallof Press- x8 + GHR x8
115lbs/51kg x5 + Pallof Press x8 + GHR x8
135lbs/62kg x4 + Pallof Press x8 + GHR x8
145lbs/65kg- x6x3 + Pallof Press x8 + GHR x8
(The wrist I fractured felt great so It’s almost 100% recovered but the sprained one gave me some issues on the last two sets, Oh Well)

Front Squats- (Decided to give my wrist a break and do them cross armed)
135lbs/62kg x5
155lbs/70kg x4
165lbs/75kg x4x6 (Moved really fast, Might want to raise my TM on these)

Then We went back outside for 20min to do conditioning which was-
8 Rounds of 100m sprints that you had to get in under 16sec with a minutes rest.
(We had to do more than 8 rounds because people like to dick around)

Gonna eat, rest up and get ready for my next workout today.


Workout number 2 today. Ate 2 meals of Rice, Potatoes & Beef. Also enjoyed some cranberry and orange juice with those meals.

Lower Body Day
Main Giant Set- Weighted Vertical Jumps x5 + ME Squat Attempt
Exercise for the ME attempt was a SSB Box Front Squat
Empty SSB x10 + 10 Hanging Leg Raises W/Fat Gripz
175lbs/79kg x5 + 10 Hanging Leg Raises W/Fat Gripz
205lbs/93kg x5 + 10 Hanging Leg Raises W/Fat Gripz
235lbs/106kg x5 + 10 Hanging Leg Raises (Grip Failed so no more Fat gripz)
245lbs/111kg x5 + 10 Hanging Leg Raises
255lbs/115kg x5 + 10 Hanging Leg Raises
205lbs/93kg x3x10 + 10 Hanging Leg Raises
(Any amount of reps above 6 on squats suck a lot)

Speed Deadlifts
135lbs/62kg + Bands- x3
185lbs/84kg + Bands- x3
225lbs/102kg + Bands- x5x3
Rest 45sec-1min

Accessory Work Circuit- x3 Rounds
DB RDL’s W/Bands- x10,10,16 (55lbs/25kg DB’s + 65lbs/29kg at top W/Bands)
Pull-ups Unassisted- 4,4,4
KB Goblet BSS’s- x10,10,15 (Each Leg) (45lbs/20kg KB)
Chest Supported DB Rows- x10,10,12 (35lbs/15kg DB’s)

Lacking Muscle Group Work
TB Shrugs- 115lbs/52kg + 55lbs/25kg Band- x28, x30/135lbs/62kg + 55lbs/25kg Band- x20
(Worked on squeezing my traps at the top to really get a feel)

Hammer Curls- Embarrassing Weight- x4x10 (it was 20lbs/9kg) sigh
EZ-Bar Curls- Embarrassing Weight- 4x8 (it was 45lbs/20kg) also sigh, puny biceps :frowning:


Same thing we did in football camp for the warm-ups and speed/skill drills
(Was late by 3 minutes so I had to do a 210m bear crawl)

Hang Power Snatch-
Bar x5
65lbs/29kg x3
85lbs/38kg x3
95lbs/43kg x4x3

Bench Press-
Bar x10
95lbs/43kg x5
135lbs/62kg x5
155lbs/70kg x6x5 (My bench feels really weak)

200m Sprints EMOM x5min

After Camp was over I went into the weightroom and trained some overhead & accessories
Strict Press SS W/Band Face-pulls- x10
Bar- x10
65lbs/29kg- x10
75lbs/34kg x4x10
(Trying to address my poverty strict press and it’s especially bad after the wrist injury)

Close-grip Bench- W/Chains
Bar x10
95lbs/43kg +50lbs of Chains- x4x10
(Program starts me out so light on my presses it’s almost frustrating)

EZ-Curl Bar Skull Crushers SS W/Lateral Raises
65lbs/29kg x3x15 SS W/Lateral Raises x15


Same Football Camp stuff, did cleans and floor press in weight room

Here is my gym workout
Paused DL (Pause off floor) SS W/AWRO’s x8
135lbs/62kg x5
225lbs/102kg x5
245lbs/111kg x3
265lbs/120kg x3
295lbs/133kg x1
335lbs/151kg x1
345lbs/156kg x1
355lbs/161kg x1
365lbs/165kg x1
295lbs/133kg x3x5

Deficit Deadlifts- 205lbs/93kg x5x3 +Med-Heavy Bands

Front Squats- 155lbs/70kg x3x8

Pendlay Rows SS W/Pull-ups x3
135lbs/62kg x6
155lbs/70kg x2x6
165lbs/74kg x6


No Football Camp on Friday’s

Today I did Log Press & Some Upper Body Work
Log Clean & Press (From Rack)
Empty Log x5
145lbs/65kg x3
155lbs/70kg x3
165lbs/75kg x3
135lbs/62kg x3x8

Incline Bench- 135lbs x2x6

Assistance Circuit x3 Rounds
Dips- 12, 12, 15
Band Face-pulls- x15
DB Z-press- 35lbs/15kg x15
Band Pushdowns- x15

Chain Tricep Ext.- x3x15


This week was meh, my upper body feels disconnected and weak right now. Damn wrist really messed me up I guess. Rebuilding all my movement patterns and getting my upper body used to straining is my main goal as of right now. I don’t have the movement patterns all the way down yet but my upper body is handling the strain well and getting more used to it. Next week will be the start of my Block training and getting my body ready for big numbers down the road.
By the end of off-season here are my goals:

Back Squat- 405lbs/183kg
Front Squat- 335lbs/152kg
Bench Press- 255lbs/115kg
Strict Press- 185lbs/84kg
Deadlift- 455lbs/206kg
Clean & Jerk- 255lbs/115kg

Strongman Goals:
Log Clean & Press- 235lbs/106kg
Axle Clean & Press- 245lbs/111kg
Circus DB- 135lbs/62kg
Yoke Walk x60ft- 505lbs/229kg
Farmers Walk- 245lbs/111kg (Per Hand)

And of Course I want to get faster, jump higher and get more jacked n’ tan


When is that?


About 24 weeks from now.


Those are some huge goals. Best of luck!

Where are you now on those lifts?


Right now on my squat I’m sitting somewhere around 345lbs/156kg - 355lbs/161kg
(Have not maxed on my back squat in a long time and in all honesty it hasn’t been on my priority list, my all time PR is 365 but I can say pretty confidently its not at that level anymore)

Front Squat I’m right at 265lbs/120kg.

Bench I’ve been set back a few notches due to my wrist injury but I can confidently say I can at the very least I could easily press 195lbs/ right now.

I can strict press right now 135lbs/62kg on a good day.

Deadlift I’m sitting around 395lbs/179kg (this was the one lift I could properly track and train during my wrist injury even though I wasn’t supposed to)

Clean & Jerk. Well… I fractured my wrist at 205lbs/93kg, so I’m not gonna say it’s my max because I still failed the lift, so I’ll say my max is 195lbs/88kg because that’s what I hit prior to my injury and my strength feels the same on cleans.

As for strongman lifts,
I hit 215lbs/97kg per hand farmer walk for 50ft/15m as my all time but my grip isn’t there anymore so right now I have no clue. I’d guesstimate 195lbs/88kg for the same 50ft/15m.

Yoke walk has always been very strong for me and I find it easy to progress it. I’ve walked 465lbs/211kg for 50ft/15m and I’ve picked 600lbs/272kg and held it for 9 seconds. Don’t feel like my strength on yoke has changed since then so I’ll say the 465lbs/211kg for 50ft/15m is still there.

Log is another strong event for me but with the wrist injury it doesn’t feel so great. I hit 165lbs/75kg for a triple recently but everything felt wrong on it and it didn’t move great so I’ll say on a good day I could hit 185lbs/84kg with the log.

Axle correlates really closely to my clean & jerk due to the fact that’s basically what it is except the clean takes way more energy out of you and the fat bar makes it feel off. So I think I could probably hit a solid 185lbs/84kg on it too.

Circus DB is just an absolute mess for me and I hit 105lbs/107kg on it when I was weaker than I am now, but I trained it more frequently than now so I have no clue if the form is there. So I have no clue where I stand with Circus DB


6/11/18- Kinda fucked up schedule this week, So I did Upper body today
Strict Press-
Bar x10
65lbs/29kg x8
75lbs/34kg x4x10
95lbs/43kg xMax Reps, Rest Pause Style. Got a total of 9 reps: x4,2,2,1

Dips- BW x4x6

Assistance Work

  • Handstand Push-up Progressions- x2x10 (Basically A downward dog push-up, eventually I’ll start elevating my feet till I’m at a full Handstand Push-up)

  • Rear Delt-Raises- x3x15 SS W/Band Pull-aparts x20

  • French Press W/Fat Gripz- 45lbs/20kg x20, x27


6/12/18- Squats Today

  • Foam Rolling
  • Hip and Ankle Mobility Work
  • Lunges x2x20

Paused Squats- 3ct Pause
Bar x20
135lbs/62kg x6
155lbs/70kg x6
185lbs/84kg x5
215lbs/97kg x3x6
215lbs/97kg- Max Reps, RP Style, Got a total of 13 Reps: x6, 4, 2, 1

Assistance Work

  • Front Squats- 175lbs/79kg x2x5

  • Tempo RDL’s- 205lbs/93kg x4x5 SS W/Lunges x1min (Tempo was- 3 - 2 - 1 - 0)

  • Prisoner Squats- Max Sets of 10, 30seconds between each set. Managed a total of 11 reps before my legs gave out so 110 total reps.

  • Giant Set
    1.T-Bar Rows- 1 Plate x15, 1 Plate & a Quarter, x12, 2 Plates x2x8
    2.Pull-ups- x4x3
    3.Hanging Leg Raises W/Fat Gripz- x4x25


6/13/18- Bench Day

  • 50 Push-ups
  • Jump Rope x3min
  • Band Face-pulls x50

Paused Bench
Bar x10
115lbs/52kg x5
135lbs/62kg x5
145lbs/65kg x3
155lbs/70kg x8x3
145lbs/65kg xMax Reps, Rest Pause Style: x5,5,3,1

Incline Close-grip Bench-
95lbs/43kg x6
115lbs/52kg +Chains 2x8
(Never Done this but damn it’s hard)

Assistance Work

  • Neutral Grip DB Presses-
    55lbs/25kg x3x15

  • Skullcrushers-
    65lbs/29kg x4x15

  • Assisted Pull-ups- x3x8

  • Push-ups- Juarez Valley 20
    (For those who don’t know what a set of Juarez Valley Push-ups looks like you should look it up, it’s a great finisher)


6/14/18- Deadlift Day

  • Band Good Mornings x50
  • Jump Rope x3min
  • Hip Flexor Stretches

Paused Deadlifts- (Pause 3ct off the floor)
135lbs/62kg x8
225lbs/102kg x5
275lbs/124kg x3
295lbs/133kg x4x6

Deficit Deadlifts- (3in Deficit)
225lbs/102kg +Med Purple Band x5x3

Front Squats-
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x10
155lbs/70kg x6
175lbs/79kg x3x8 (Sets of 8 on squats are terrible)

Assistance Work

  • DB Shrugs- x3x15 SS W/GHR’s x3x10

  • Giant Set
    1.Weighted Pull-ups- 25lbs/11kg x3x2
    2.Pendlay Rows- 155lbs/70kg x3x8
    3.Pallof Press- x3x8


6/19/18- Squat Day

  • Foam Rolling
  • Hip and Ankle Mobility Work
  • Lunges x2x25

Pause Squats- 3ct Pause
Bar x10
135lbs/62kg x8
185lbs/84lg x5
205lbs/93kg x3
215lbs/97kg x1
225lbs/102kg x3x6
225lbs/102kg xMax Reps no Rest Pause, I got 8 Reps

Front Squats-
155lbs/70kg x5
175lbs/79kg x2x6
(Went for a 7th on the last set but failed the rep, guess you can’t win all the time)

Assistance Work

  • Tempo RDL’s-
    185lbs/84kg x6
    195lbs/88kg x6
    205lbs/93kg x3x6 SS W/Weighted Reverse Lunges x1min

  • Prisoner Squats- Same deal except rest times down to 25sec
    Managed 12 Sets this time (The 5sec time rest period didn’t make a huge difference so I’ll drop it to 15sec next time)

  • Giant Set
    1.T-Bar Rows- 1 Plate and a 35 x12, 2 Plates x10, 2 Plates and a Nickel x2x8
    2.Pull-ups x4x4
    3.Hanging Leg Raises W/Fat Gripz- x4x30


So I recently was granted a huge opportunity to take college classes along with my highschool classes by switching over to a kind of charter school. I’m taking the oppurtunity but seeing as it does not have any athletics I don’t know what to do in my meantime. I’ve been running different sports through my mind.
Here’s the list:

  • Shot Put
  • Boxing
  • BJJ
  • Muay Thai
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Highland Games
  • Grip Sports