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16YO Diet and All Around Help!


Hey, I am 16years old,weigh roughly 160-170lbs and am 5'8 or so. I have been lifting since August 09 (so bout 1year and 6months). My squat 5 rep 255, deadlift 300, and bench is 195. (I rarely bench and deadlift is from preinjury).

On halloween I tore 4 ligaments and fractured my fibula playing lacrosse and have been squatting and lifting for about 3 weeks now since that had happened but did a lot of upper body during that in between time.

What I need help with is my diet. It is really bad because I just don't know who to listen too! By some people I am told eat whatever you want and others say I should eat x,y,z (typically paleo or zone). My question is what would be the best diet for me to gain lean muslce so I can get up to 185 or higher and lose bodyfat. Yeah I know that in order to gain LBM you gain fat but at my current weight now I have visble abs but still have like fatty sides which is kinda annoying!

Reason I want to gain the weight is to A. Be stronger B. Be bigger for lacrosse since I am a defenseman and size will help since I am not the tallest.

  • I do not take any supplements should I be?


Since you want to get bigger and stronger, you need to eat accordingly.

No need to go paleo. Just choose fresh, whole foods over processed stuff and stay away from the obvious bullshit like sodas, candy, chips, cereal et al.

Including carbs into your diet is certainly not a problem given your activity level. Neither is having a big pizza every once in a while. Quite the opposite- it will help you get bigger and stronger!

Oh, and eat ya damn vegetables, kid!


In reference to my activity/training from now till like early or late may depending on how the season goes it will be
Lacrosse 7 days a week with lots of conditioning(sprinting)
Lifintg/Prehab stuff 3 or so times a week doing compound stuff like deadlifts squats etc to keep strength up and maybe gain a bit?

then after that it will be summer/fall/winter league and training for the next season.

How much should I be eating? how much water should I drink? are supplements ok or a no go if so what kinds? Is there any merit to "SuperPump 250" friend has it and swears by it.

Sorry for all the questions I just want to learn and get better


Eating: A lot. Atleast 250grams of protein a day. Don't eat too much shit
Water: A lot. Make sure that your urine is a light green, like lemonade.
Supplements: fish oil, mmulti-vitamin, protein shake
read the beginner and bodybuilding stickies. there is a lot of great info there


urine wise im either clear as water or golden yellow since some days i remember my waterbottle others i dont
and I will read them right away i didnt since I didnt think of bodybuilding to be beneficial


Holy shit with 7 practices a week you'll have a hell of a time adding size, so definitely keep your calories high at all times.

You mentioned lacrosse, so I guess your parents have the money for expensive supps like Superpump. Sure, get your Gaspari stack with Superpump, SizeOn and whatnot. There's certainly worse supplements out there, but don't expect to get any significant gainz from 'em.


My parents are against supplements for the most part except fishoil/multivitamins. and yeah lots of lacrosse love this sport


Get educated on them, and pass on the info to your parents. the average person thinks that protein shakes and creatine = steroids.