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16wks to Huge in a Hurry - Modified Version

Greetings fellow T Nuts,

This is my first post and thread and it will be logging my progress with a modified version of Mr Waterbury’s Huge in a Hurry.

My brief training history - I’ve been on and off various compound lifting/powerlifting programs for the last three years, including stronglifts, starting strength, bill starr and then finally the best suited program for me due to its flexibility with work/life commitments is Wendlers 531.

The reason for the 16 week switch to HiAH is to pack on some mass before my 30th birthday in 16 weeks. I’m currently 78kg and 16.5% fat. I’m looking to get upto 85kg. I has 84-86kg and 20%+ fat for numbers of years before I started squatting/proper training and cleaning up my diet at which point I dropped down to 72kg and 12% fat at a height of 5’10".

My modified version of Mr Waterbury’s Huge in a Hurry will follow the prescribed intensity, reps, and rest (with the use of a timer) and progression based on monitoring the performance of reps and sets. However the real modification comes in that I will not be following exercises prescribed but instead I’ll be following the pull/push/squat format. I’ll also be sumo deadlifting on day 3 using Wendlers 321.

PS diet is 70/30 clean/dirty at worst. I look forward to suggestions and questions.