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16wk Cycle, 2wks Hcg, 4 Wks Clomid/Nolva. Now Having Side Effects. Help?

Hello, I need urgent help please. I ran a 16 week cycle test E 500/wk and Tren E25/wk along with Anastrozole 0.5 twice weekly. A week after I finished did HCG 2500IU twice weekly for two weeks and Clomid 50/day and Nolvadex 20/day for 4 weeks. I was okay until 10 days ago I had complete loss of libido and erection. I did labs and FSH 2.2, LH 0.7, Total test 135, Free test 24. All values are low except for FSH. I don’t know what do to at this point and I really need please. Thank you very much

What are your lab ranges. Assuming normal labcorp ranges then even the FSH is pretty low. Looks like a failed restart. Do you have enough Nolvadex to try another PCT round? Were you considering TRT as an option in the event of a failure?

I’d say run pct again, this time with Nolva only from a different source. There’s a chance that your stuff is underdosed or potentially not even legit. But even if it’s 100% good you still want to run another round of it and see if you can’t get those numbers back within range.

I have more Nolva from another source. How much do I take and for how long? Also do I need to take hcg again?

TRT is not an option, and yea I do have Nolva

I believe you want to skip the HCG for PCT considering it is suppressive. Run Nolva only for 4 weeks IMO. If you aren’t ready for very real possibility of being on TRT then you shouldn’t have used AAS. Let this be a wake up call to you IF you can get restarted.

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No hcg with the novla.

I’d say it’s the tren that’s caused you the issues 19-nors are rebound for being fckers for recovery, Run your pct again nolva only and get bloods done again if that’s fails go to your doctor and tell him you fcked up